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  1. LikePlusTweetInRespect: #Joomla Social Buttons Plugin of @rh_websolutions: http://t.co/ITLxomz

  2. Can any1 mirror/ reupload download link for CWM Recovery for LiquidMT v3.0 ? I can not download by link in the first post, seem server down.
  3. Firm cargo - 20,000 Mts Copper Slag http://t.co/vG3RYyq

  4. [sELL]Steam Coal 6,300-6,100 - Original Indonesia | Ship Chartering, Ship Broker, Trading Business http://t.co/OMTZrVF via @baoansvc

  5. Thanks, rom working well. But i have a question how to remove widget of AcerUI in lookscreen (when you still not unlock the screen to go to launcher) ? Main screen is Digital Clock with Miss message and call, Left screen is Music and right screen is Event, i do not know and tried to remove or change it but fail. Pls if any1 know tell me how to do. Thanks in advanced!
  6. Thanks so much, i flashed the recovery now, but can not open recovery, i pressed key combo : Power + volume up + volume down + camera button but my phone just open. I tried with quickboot, choose recovery, and only Acer logo open and it stopped at there,tried with Rom Manage with also result. I downgraded to ver 2.2 and used Recovey 1.2.2 to flash, but now luck, in version 2.3.4 i do not know how to ROOT it, tried with ONECLICK ver 2.1.1 and stopped in step 6 as all other ppl did, tried with Z4ROOT but phone no reboot, just back to home screen only. :( Can any one tell me: - How can i root with 2.3.4 ver from bin Acer_LiquidMT_3.026.01_EMEA-GEN1_03.26.02 - How can i open recovery :( keycombo did, quickboot did, - Did i flash recovery correctly? (after did as Davidevinavil said, i saw message on CMD windown told if see the screen with 3 color then press enter, all after message status is OKAY and phone reboot)
  7. 25,000-30,000 mts Copper Slag KR-CN http://t.co/Rrxqluy

  8. Sorry for noob question but im newbie in android, i tried to flash this recovery but my Liquid MT alway stoped at the screen and showing FASTBOOK MODE fastboot: processing commands I upgraded to ver 2.3.4 by Acer_LiquidMT_3.026.01_EMEA-GEN1_03.26.02.zip, copied folder Recovery 2.2 to SD card (root), Open file install_recovery.cmd as administrator, press enter, see my device number, then press enter again, my Liquid MT switch off then stop at Fastbook mode. Did i do anything wrong? I also do not know how to root, i tried with OneClick 1.9 but fail, tried with Z4ROOT also, my phone did not reboot. Any 1 know how to root, how to flash recovery please tell me :(
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