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  1. Nobody has this phone ? wtf Oo
  2. I've got myself a new Grand X IN - it is a great phone for a great price, I'm very happy with it and recommend it very much as an upgrade phone from our Blade. Thanks to all devs maintaining roms, wbaw, Amphoras, sejs, konstat, targetbsp... See you Bladers!
  3. Try both and decide for yourself :) The best bet would be 7.2 vs CM10.
  4. CM7 has 100% fluid gui, apps load instantly, instead of 2 - 4 seconds delay and battery life is far better.
  5. CM 7.2 is much more snappier and responsive, I got used to ICS/JB and hadn't noticed this before. Loading time of apps, calendar, phone etc etc is instant. Battery life with my standard workday usage - gps, emails, gtalk, mp3 is with no exaggeration almost doubled. But still I miss soft buttons so much :) I've seen them another modded cm 7.2 rom, I forgot the name, isn't there any way of getting them into nightly builds ? Or perhaps the notification area mini buttons ? I forgot where and how to get them. If anyone knows please say.
  6. I've returned to CM7 from JB since today I found out i got 3.5GB data transffered over limit, which makes 860 eur lol. "Android OS" did this, no idea what happned I've always had 400 mb max. I have zero custom apps, i only use email gps calendar and gtalk... But i miss soft buttons so much is there any way of getting them, flashable zip would be nice.
  7. No it's much worse. In sleep mode it's about the same but on use this rom goes down faster about 30%.
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