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  1. I was thinking about installing this rom, but have no idea how to do it, have unlocked bootloader and twrp installed
  2. Well, I don't use fingerprint so, this one works for me, but maybe I change rom later. And thanks for the info :)
  3. If i have a Honor 5C NEM-L21, can i flash this one or will it brick my phone ? Rebranded my NEM-L21 to an NEM-L51, so this rom works fine for me now :)
  4. damn KonstaT, don't u ever work, i mean, u have 24/7 suport for your rom ? :)
  5. sry KonstaT, but i have to leave this rom for now, my blade just died yesterday so, leaving this rom till i can get a new blade
  6. realy like your work KonstaT, not only do u make nice ROM's, u support them almost 24/7 to :)
  7. will try this one out then, thanks KonstaT for realy good work :)
  8. Gott nytt år / onnellista uutta vuotta / Happy new year everyone !
  9. downloading now to try it out EDIT: looks realy nice :)
  10. I must say KonstaT, it's a realy nice ROM that u are makin .... so from here up in northen finland, cheers and good work :)
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