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  1. Actually your avatar shows you are a monster, not a programmer :lol:
  2. I h ave access to several wifi networks. one of them require IP static address, but if setup it, the same configuration apply to all the networks. any way to solve this problem?
  3. I feel pretty dumb, but can't get where do I turn off CB messages, never had them before, and I am receiving tons of those crap messages , living close to 2 different cells. Any hint please? thanks
  4. The true latest version is KI3, which is based on android 2.3.5. KI4 is still based on 2.3.4 and I've read around several ppl complaining. TBH I would stay with MCR GR5 instead if you like samsung based roms, otherwise you could try oxygen rom, based on android 2.3.7, and fully AOSP, so no samsung crap on it. Still a few bugs with bluetooth as far as i know, can't confirm it since i never ever use bluetooth.
  5. I am experiencing the same slowdown with several roms,. including AOSP roms like oygen or CM7, which are actually based on Android 2.3.7, so i tend to think it's due to market itself. ATM I am solving the issue using the webpage instead of the app itself.
  6. Micro USB hardly may have a different voltage, it may have a different ampere value.
  7. I am using a Nokia charger instead, charges quicker and never had a problem with it. Also Blackberry chargers have a very good quality
  8. I personally would reboot in recovery, do a full wipe including dalvik cache, and then install a new rom.
  9. My sgs2 has an accuracy of 3 meters according to GPS status. I use the same app also for A-GPS updates
  10. I tend to think he's still developing for sgs2. First all all , since he posted here what we would have liked for gr6, would be quite surprising to quit developing all of a sudden. Second, although he's not promising endless development, I suppose he would drop a few lines saying sorry, end of support for this phone, khave a nice day.
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