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  1. wow...good ol' skate has android 4.2.2 while Grand X In isn't even going to receive 4.1...
  2. me too, maybe its just a mistake...
  3. well, maybe this month, here http://www.cczwei.de/index.php?id=news&newsid=2195 you can read this sentence: Ausgeliefert wird das ZTE Grand X IN mit Android 4.0.3. Das Update auf Android 4.1 Jelly Bean folgt voraussichtlich im März 2013 which says that we should get JB soon
  4. I do, i thought about rooting it, but since it should get JB i have decided to wait for an update :)
  5. looks interesting :) http://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/eyes-on-android-updates/2012/09/intel-ports-android-jelly-bean-to-medfield-atoms---mike-bell.html
  6. yep wiped caches, format system...I will redownload and try again tomorrow
  7. updated from 16/06 build, stuck in a bootloop...i noticed that when flashing gapps it says for android 2.3.5 but CM 7.2.0 is 2.3.7?
  8. Guys help please, which wifi tether app you use? So far I couldnt connect with anything on my phone...
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