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  1. Sorry, but I have just tested the above setup on the Hudl2 and unfortunately, it doesn't work.
  2. I purchased one of these a while ago for my Nvidia Shield Tablet to power the tablet whilst having a USB to Ethernet dongle plugged in over OTG at the same time. They both work perfectly doing this. I have the Shield tablet hooked up to a 50" TV over HDMI in my bedroom to stream my gaming PC from my front room over Powerline Adapters to the Tablet upstairs. The OTG Y cable from Amazon : OTG Y CABLE The USB to Ethernet Dongle : USB to Ethernet I am curently at work, so I will try it on my girlfriends Hudl2 tonight and let you know if it works or not.
  3. If you try and flash custom recovery that isn't signed correctly, when you attempt to boot into recovery, you just boot into droidboot instead. I have tested this with TWRP and Clockwork. You can even unpack and repack the original recovery without editing anything, but this breaks the digital signature unfortunately.
  4. If you don't like watching HQ bluray rips on your tablet, don't root. If you don't mind loads of spammy adverts embedded in the Web pages you visit, don't root. Don't mind constant ads in YouTube, don't root. Don't want to use emulators, different peripherals / controllers don't root. If you are happy to be told how to use your device then don't root. Don't want to have the ability to speed your device up, conserve it's battery life, get rid of bloat, make it do cool things it was never meant to do then don't root. I just bought a 32gb Nvidia shield tablet and the first thing I did when I charged it was to root it. I don't understand why anyone with an android device wouldn't want it rooted, unless they are not very tech savvy, that I could understand.
  5. So, after abysmal driver support from AMD for my 290's in crossfire, I took the plunge and bought 2 MSI 970gtx in SLI. I downloaded the limelight app that was mentioned in the first post and did some testing ( very basic testing so far). First thing, the Limelight app is now called Moonlight. Second, you DO NOT need to run your games in windowed mode for the games to work correctly this is a massively handy convenience. Early days but it looks very promising. GTA V running at ultra settings, 2560 x 1440p dsr streamed to Hudl 2. Screenshot taken unedited from Hudl 2. Project Cars 2560 x 1440p Ultra dsr screenshot taken straight from Hudl 2.
  6. It's a stock image with root. It's not a custom rom. Edit : ignore this, I was very drunk when I posted it.......... I'm paying for it today....... Feel like death, lol
  7. That's normal, it always says that. Minimal adb and Fastboot doesn't work 100% correctly with the Hudl2 in my experience, there is Hudl2 specific ADB drivers in beginning of this thread. You can have Minimal adb and Hudl2 adb drivers installed on same pc at the same time no problem though.
  8. Terraria works perfectly on my Hudl2 as you can see from the screenshot I posted....... Which was taken from my Hudl2........... I got it from Amazon appstore.
  9. Hi Vampirefo, thanks for the upload, but I just tried to flash your custom recovery, and it does the same as the one I repacked. Booting into recovery just boots into droidboot instead. Thanks for the effort though!
  10. @devbrad Hit there! I've been trying to root my Pegatron Hudl 2 but it keeps stating this in the bootloader menu: Quote You can ignore this........It's normal And when i run the second command on the PC it states: Quote And doesn't change. Please help! I look forward to hearing from you Paul (or whoever else has help) Thanks -DevBrad Do you have Hudl 2 drivers installed? On your PC when adb is enabled, go to "Control Panel" - "Device Manager" on your PC and see if you have a listing for Android Phone with a Yellow Exclaimation mark on it. If you have, then drivers aren't installed correctly. Just right click the Exclaimation Mark, Choose "Update Drivers", Choose "Browse My Computer" then choose " Let me pick from a list " and see if you have a listing for "Android Phone", If you do, then choose it and look for an adb listed drivers and install it.
  11. Yes, it works fine on rooted Hudl 2
  12. I'm having the same problem. I unpacked the recovery image, edited a .png file in the charger files of the ramdisk just as a marker to show that my recovery was enabled, but after repacking and flashing my recovery to Hudl 2 and then rebooting into recovery, it just instantly boots into Droidboot. I flashed back the original recovery and that boots fine. I then unpacked and repacked the original recovery with no edits, but after flashing it just boots into droidboot again. Anyone know if the unpacked recovery is meant to contain a DT.img file? I haven't tried using the split_bootimg.pl script yet to see if there is one.
  13. Hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm turning this thread into a deals site, but the incredible LIMBO is just 85p on Play Store today. I played it through on PS3 and it's an absolutely beautiful atmospheric game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playdead.limbo.full .......it's also pretty creepy and slightly disturbing in places........
  14. Thanks for the info Vampirefo. If the bootloader definitely isn't locked, then maybe we could build TWRP or CWM for it? Here are Hudl2 Partitions : I outputted a huge LS_Output file from Hudl2 yesterday, Haven't had time to look at it yet. I have never owned an intel android device before, so does anyone know if TWRP/CWM is easy to port to Intel chip devices?
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