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    orange monte carlo
  1. garym123


    can anybody tell me how to install kernel 2 :(
  2. Those having the flashing boot.img error please try this and let me know(I also removed zte logo). http://min.us/mbeFlCTI9m this worked fine for me :D
  3. where is this zte settings to calibrate phone i cant seem to find it the zte settings to calibrate phone is in 2.0v but cant find it in 2.5v
  4. garym123

    music app

    can anyone tell me if theres a app out that lets you change songs with the volume buttons?ive got one on my ipod touch was just wondering if theres anything like that out for android,it save me keep taking phone out of pocket everytime i want to skip a song.
  5. garym123

    How high can you overclock your Skate?

    i was running at 998 fine, quadrant benchmark was round about 1250 no freeze or reboot all other apps worked fine but the gallery now and again when i was veiwing pics it would reboot,so i went down to 960 and all stable now.
  6. garym123


    ive just installed 1.7v but cant get past the little green android man,keeps saying press the green man to continue but just stays on that screen? its ok now ive reinstalled it and seems to be working fine now :)
  7. i think you should stick with blue monte on this rom 2.3.4 cause this is the orginal rom and rename the 2.3.5 rom,just my opinion really ;) sorry was getting confused myself there lol you ment 2.3.5 rom to rename :blink:
  8. garym123


    so if i just want 2.3.4 v i can just update without wipe again like i did with the last 2 updates ive done with your rom?
  9. garym123


    gps works fine on mine,but the only problem is when i turn gps off the icon stays in status bar and only way to get rid of it is to reboot phone.
  10. garym123


    can i just install this 1.5v over the other bluemonte v1 without doing all the wipes?cause ill loose all apps and settings again if i do wont i?
  11. garym123


    yeah im at 998mhz
  12. garym123


    thanks tillaz,ill let u watch football :D hatrick for ba
  13. garym123


    the only problem on this rom im getting is when i go into gallery is sometimes reboots the phone and i dont know why.:blink:
  14. garym123


    ive got setcpu installed on this rom so will it be ok to uninstall no frills cpu control :huh:

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