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  1. Your camera works after applying the sdcard patch? or by default?
  2. During Installation on My Storage, deleting all partitions, I noticed that My Storage was made by 2 partion: /dev/sdb: /dev/sdb1 extended 1.91 GiB /dev/sdb5 fat32 /media/07F3-0009_ 1.41 GiB /dev/sdb6 fat32/media/07F3-0009 512 MiB This second partion had these files: BaseFile.txt - LOUVRE.MLI - POCKETFS.SYS; and a Folder \Programs\PowerDic2_V1\ with other files inside 1) Now I have 2 primary partition as written in the guide, and android works... but... what was that partition? is something needed by some phone's function? maybe is for "master reset"? or something else? please help 2) OT: since 1 or 2 days, in WinMo, i always have a "1 missed call" notification some time after phone startup, but if i open it nothing happen... why? 3) In android my camera does'nt work, i tried about 6 times to load it and always error... is camera working on froyo beta1 or am i doing something wrong?
  3. I've tried both beta1 e beta2 version and i prefer beta1 (i don't now with beta1 is 2.2 while beta2 is 2.1 but this is not the point :) ), and now i'm using beta1. In both version usb tethering is not present; for android 2.1 no tethering normal, but it should be present in 2.2... instead there's only wifi hot spot wich is useless since there's no wifi driver working. I would like to enable usb tethering by system menu and no by external app, is this possible? How? I need this to be able to detect usb0 in linux to do reverse tethering... Please help
  4. Hi guys Samsung OmniaPRO B7610 WM (WWE-Ultra) Keyboard backlight turns off after about 3 seconds...it's very annoying... a simple pause thinking what to write and then i cannot see buttons anymore... is there a way to fix this?
  5. I've some problems: Generally speaking this Ultra rom is very fast and with a lot of memory free, no problems with wi-fi and gps (tomtom, route66, copilot, sygic, iGO), so it's very good because reading forum many users have wifi and gps problems, but: 1) Camera's photos quality is bad (compared to 6.5 official)... is there some better driver to install? 2) How to set physical keyboard backlight timeout (advanced config tool has no effect)? Please help... solving these two problems would be the perfect rom for me
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