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  1. Okay, the Online Kitchen now seems to be again available. So far so good. Can now anyone tell me, if you can use this ROM for both HTC One S (old S3/new S4)???
  2. Hello togehter, normaly I wanted to bake a custom ROM (and yes, of course I paid...). But since nearly tow days, I only see "There are currently no servers available to service your request due to a high number of builds currently in progress - please try again later.". Anyone who can help, please? Second question: Where can I see, if this ROM fits for my S3 (the first One S, with 1,7 GHz CPU)? I read, that using a ROM for S4 with an S3 could damage the phone, so right now I am litte bit unsure. Any experiences from "old" S3 users, using S4 ROMs? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany.

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