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  1. First off, I love the ROM, great work tillaz and thanks. Have had a few issues, all resolved except one crucial one: Whenever I try to download an app from the market, I get the following message - "Error downloading (app name). There is insufficient space on the device." Anyone had this issue before? I've tried everything, wiping data, wiping dalvik, clearing market data etc. I have a ZTE Skate. edit- I have plenty of internal and SD memory. edit - FIXED. Switched to the 200MB TFT.
  2. Found a slight bug? I completely wiped data/cache/dalvik and flashed the ROM. At timfimjim's advice, I flashed the addon straight away, then rebooted. It got stuck at the Android loading screen and I had to take out the battery. Switched it on and the same thing happened. So I wiped again and flashed the ROM, but not the addon. Gonna flash the addon now. Love the layout, battery, not. bar etc. All gorgeous to look at , FA :) edit - Not a bug, I guess, lol. edit 2- Everything working perfectly. No FCs, very smooth and battery life great so far. Thanks once again!!
  3. Flashing ROM and Reboot Menu now! *crosses fingers* 2.3 Meego version worked perfectly for me, albeit with Beautiful Widgets latest version crashing. I have high expectations for 2.3.4. Thanks for all the work FA.
  4. Gah, thanks! Sorted my problem out! Love the ROM, will keep F5'ing for updates! :) P.S. A reboot option would be lovely, but 'tis not essential. edit - Anyone getting FCs from Battery Calibration? I heard it extends battery life, so I tried it (never had problems with it before) and it force closed on me everytime.
  5. Fully wiped and loaded BladeMix 2.3 - Loving it so far, the Meego icons are brilliant, but I'm getting FCs with Beautiful Widgets. Not THAT important, but quite annoying. I like it so far though. Battery life seems pretty good (not as good as CAE).
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