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  1. Can you guys tell me please how to install S2E on my phone for this version of software? Do I only have to download it from Play Store or do I have to flash something? Thank you!
  2. I have trouble with voice typing. Am I the only one? Can I solve this problem? Also Google Search don't work properly with voice search...
  3. Cyanogen mod 10 - Daemond version 33 fps - 600mhz, ondemand
  4. This ROM is awesome. The best I've ever seen. You bring my Blade back to life, DAEMOND, thank you a lot! Great work. It's running smooth, it's fast, has great features, it's just too good.
  5. OOH GOOOOOOD! The latest update is awsome. I love you guyss! This is absolutely awesome!
  6. Hi everyone! I just have found a new bug or issue, which appears when I call someone. I press Call and take my phone to ear, the screen ramains awake. All the other phones I see have the option to turn off the screen because of the sensors. Is there a way to solve this ? I use CM9-aokp remix.
  7. I found this while searching some specs on the internet : http://www.gsmarena.com/zte_blade_iii-4983.php . There says that this phone will come from factory with ICS installed on it but below says that owning a video processor type adreno 200, so there will be a change for our phones or what we need to run full ICS is not dependent on GPU?
  8. I just installed the stable version of CM 7.2 and I think it's a bit too laggy for me. I got lag in Contacs, Gallery, Music Player, Setting, almost everything. Can i do something to solve this lag?
  9. No, no! I got it working! Just download ICS Keyboard from market and magically it works. Yesterday i tried with another Keyboard, but now it works and after voice search update you have a lot of languages to choose. Thanks!
  10. Yes, I did that. Some people said that no Rom can do this ( ICS Roms). It's beacuse of converting from "big" phones.
  11. Hi everyone! Recently i've seen a minor bug using ICS 4.0.4, AOKP-CM9 remix and I don't know how to fix it. I hope you guys can help me cause nobody replies on the rom's topic. So, here's the screenshot : This problem appears to me if i want to set a Facebook picture to contact photo or in Flipboard. If i tap the photo, I can see it with no problems, but as a review it's show me this wierd thing. How can i solve this?
  12. Not really. I went to setting, check the option but no mic icon on keyboard. I am using AOKP-CM9 Remix and i think there is no chance to do this. I don;t understand why the cpu should be the problem ... Don't work even if i download a new keyboard from market... Thank you for advices!
  13. Hi everyone again! I have another problem with some pics, especially from Facebook. I let you see the problem : This problem appears for me if i want to set this kind of pics to contact photo or in Flipboard. If i tap the photo, no problem, but as a review it's show me this wierd thing. How can i solve this?
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