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  1. No problem with gps here...using almost everyday with edmundo. I have another problem. When someone call me it appears only the number, but not the contact name and picture even if i have already added this number to contacts. If I receive two consecutive calls from the same person, a second time shows me the name and picture. What can i do to appear all datas from first time?
  2. I have installed the Cyanogenmod 7.2 ROM and it's very fast, except the scrolling. Actually, the scrolling is worst. How can I improve the scrolling smoothness?
  3. no, my phone isn't under warranty but this is not the problem.I think i know how to replace the digitiser but i want to be sure that that's the problem. I'm also pretty scared but i don't know why. I found that when i have this problem and power off the phone and reboot it works but i don't know for how long yet. thanks for advices!
  4. Hi guys! Since few days i've encountered a big problem. My screen doesn't response as well. When i press somewhere, the phone selects another place. I have CM9 Konstat version installed and when i press for menu, it selects me browser.When i try to type something on keyboard is insane. I press for p and it selects me "oo" or when i press " " it selects me "r" or something, but every time the same letter or the same place. Even a reboot doesn't have any effect. I tried to flash CM7.2 . It worked good for a while and then...this freaking issue, exactly the same thing. I tried to calibrate the proximity sensor and nothing. I returned back to ICS and i tried to reset to factory settings from menu and again it works until now. I'm disperate. I don't know anything about this problem. I can't do anything on my phone. I'm also pretty scared. Can you help me?
  5. I think you have to open Paint, set the page to 480x800 and color it black -> save it as jpg . Upload the image to phone and set as wallpaper.
  6. I like this launcher. I just want to switch the mms icon color. I think i'm going to extract the apk from another ics rom and replace with this one. Thx for the answers!
  7. do you have problems like contacts wiping after a reboot or showing the wrong hour in lockscreen or status bar? I have this problems in coldfusion and i hate them. I want to try a rom without this bugs. thanks!
  8. I have a major bug. Almost everytime after i reboot my phone, all my contacts are gone. I can't see them with contacts app, but i can see them in dialer app. So, i need to clear data from contacs and contacs storage and import them again. How can i solve this problem?
  9. why do i need to press back button such a long time to kill apps ? In previous build i used to press 2 secounds but now it's not enough to press 5 secounds to kill an app. And I want to place the clock from lockscreen in the right corner...can i do this?
  10. we don't care about panorama. We want to see our blade playing hq videos and record something.
  11. which one is the best for games, stability, smoothness and appearance ? CM 7.1 or 7.2 or SS or anything else?
  12. i think they don't want to do it for us. I think they can but don't want to work for nothing. They are not interesting in getting the drivers to work for us.
  13. Just download the Solid Explorer app from market and navigate to system/etc end click on gps.conf or something like that. Choose Solid Explorer editor end modify the north-america with the name of your country's gps server. it works for me
  14. I think that the 31/05 build was much smoother than the last build.I works laggy for me after full wipe and flash.
  15. I think S2E doesn't work prperly with the latest build.Does anyone facing this problem?
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