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  1. fr0do

    G300 Random reboots

    I only got reboots if I turned Wi-Fi off. Worst I noticed was driving along a motorway: the phone rebooted when negotiating a link to the next tower. Solution: leave Wi-Fi on.
  2. I have the same problem when memory it's full. Priority isn't given to the dialer, or it takes a while to offload what's running. Very frustrating. I'm on stock+. Solution is to keep less running. The latest Facebook app just won't not run, even with all notifications off. Uninstalling that almost, on its own, fixed my problem. I try to keep stuff running to a minimum, as we have to with 512 ram on 4+. Mostly the phone responds fantastically well, thanks to the tweaks found here.
  3. It's built in. You just edit a line in build prop to enable it. I posted instructions earlier in this thread if you can search.
  4. It's built in. You just edit a line in build prop to enable it. I posted instructions earlier in this thread if you can search.
  5. And disable features that you don't need/use. Facebook notifications are a hog. Go launcher is a well known hog. Gmail sync, maps sync. Take a look into what's running and trim it down to what you need. All 512mb phones have this issue. You just can't run it like you would a high spec phone.
  6. I forward all of my hotmail emails to my gmail account
  7. Tillaz: have you seen the xtheme engine stuff over on XDA? Any chance you could convert your themes to work with that?
  8. fr0do

    Thread to introduce new apps

    Yes. Just upgraded.
  9. fr0do

    Best ROM?

    OMG Dude. Yes I agree you don't need a poll. Yes I agree opinion is subjective. And.... Yes I agree the need for the question to be asked over and over again, for the reasons you have clearly made. Well done!
  10. fr0do

    Best ROM?

    Yes. Which is why you then need to ask the question. You are, yet again advocating constant new posts asking which rom is best. I'm going to nominate you for a Darwin award soon ;)
  11. fr0do

    unlock SIMBLOCK

    so your dad's is/was fine. You got a bad card.
  12. fr0do

    Best "Best ROM" thread?

    That's just low man
  13. fr0do

    Best ROM?

    So new thread every time it is then. (You just killed your own argument about not having new threads right?)
  14. fr0do

    unlock SIMBLOCK

    Also... not all sd cards are equal Buy or get conned into buying crap, and it acts like crap.

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