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  1. i cant use gmail. its not on the phone already, and i cant download it either, it says its not available for my device in my country (germany). any suggestions?
  2. I was wondering, what is the button at the top right for (when you drag down the top bar) the one with the two opposing arrows? i dont mean the on next to wifi, the data connection one, but the one that only becomes visible when you drag down the top. thanks for the answer
  3. Ok, so after spending about 12 hours attempting to install android on "mystorage" using the guides of aafirocks and gardakkan, as well as any other info i could find, i have finally managed to install android and boot it for the first time. the thing is, i managed it only because i left out a few of the steps outlined in the tutorials. what i did was: set up 3 partitions on mystorage (fat32 sized 6.9 gb, ext4 sized 1gb, and swap sized 257mb, all primary), then extracted ext4.tar.gz. so far i did everything as outlined in the tutorials. but it did not change anything in vold.fstab or init.rc. previously i had always changed them, and i got stuck on "android for omnia 2" screen. the startuptxt i used was the standard one, as given in the tutorials. hope this helps anyone with a similar problem. cheers
  4. Ok, thanks. Already went through the thread before, went through it again, but didn't find a satisfactory answer to my problem. decided to abandon manual install and use autoinstall instead. have a question to the autoinstall though, posted it in the other thread. its crucial to get me on my way. thanks for your help
  5. I tried installing android using the autoinstaller. Made 3 partitions, put everything on the fat32, edited startup.txt, disconnected from pc, clicked on installandroid via winmo, 3 error messages, then haret boots, after kernel is checked the screen jumped to a black screen with android written across it in this 90's type videogame font, then the screen went black and remained unresponsive (mobile didnt turn off, because it doesnt respond to the power button). what am i doin wrong?
  6. Hi. I am using the video instructions from aafirocks. I have spent more than 10 hours so far, trying and trying again. The only thing that is not exactly as in the video is that my partitions are larger, the fat32 being 6.4 gb large, the ext4 being 1.6gb and the swap 217mb. Everything works fine, I name the partitions the same, I extract ext4.tar.gz via terminal on ubuntu, edit the vold.fstab, the init.rc and create the fstab, then i copy haret, zimage and startup (which I edited so it looks like the one in the video) onto the fat partition. unmount all, remove the phone safely, and then i click on haret.exe. it gives me an error message, and then haret boots. after that I am stuck on "android for omnia II loading.." for ages. been about 30 minutes now. Doies anyone have a solution or know what i can try? thanks in advance the error message says 'unknown keyword: "pfwi»¿” '
  7. I used the updater, which seemed to work fine, but bluetooth didn't work yet. Tried to connect to a Galaxy S running Eclair, but they couldn't find one another. How to I check which beta version I am running, to make sure that the update was a success? Thanks for your reply. Also, my HARET.exe isn't located on mystorage, but on my sdcard. is that a problem?
  8. And another question. The README.txt from the froyo beta 3 folder looks like the one from beta 2. Just to clarify, I put all the files in the beta 3 folder onto my WinMo internal storage, then click on installandroid.exe while using WinMo, or while connected to the pc using Ubuntu? And in what format does my SD card have to be formatted, and does the card have to be seperated into partitions by me or does the "installandroid.exe" do it on its own? Does it then also create the swap partition? Thank you so much for your reply, and thanks to the devs for enabling me to keep my phone^^
  9. Hi. I have a question concerning the installation of Froyo on an SD card. Can I install all the apps when the system is running from an SD card, cos most apps are made for an internal storage install? Thanks for the answer. Cheers
  10. Could be. I didn't use the autoinstaller, so I don't know how it works and what it does. Thought it just did what you otherwise had to do manually, but I think your right. Then I can't help you. Sorry
  11. You need to create a seperate ext4 partition, sized 1 GB (1024 mb). The rest you must leave as fat32. Make sure that your fat32 partition is your FIRST partition, so when you look at the device path, mmcblk..., then fat32 must be a smaller number that ext4, eg: fat32 =...k0p1 and ext4 = k0p2
  12. Android is running like a charm, WinMo is so slow in comparison. So thank you devs for the effort. Just a few questions that I still have: -Is it possible to connect the phone to a pc? Cos when I plug it in, the phone charges, but does not show that a usb connection is established. -I tried finding my location using GPS, without data networks, and it hasn't worked yet. It is cloudy, so I know it will take a while, but still nothing happened. Do I need the other connections in addition to GPS in order to get a fix? I think you could connect your phone to the oc running WinMo, then put the files you want on Android on the SD card, disconnect phone, boot Android, and then access the SDcard. Or put the SD card into the pc and copy files onto the card then. But is it possible to do all that by connecting android to the pc? Thanks
  13. Hi. I have the same problem with connecting to the pc, but I can help you with the wifi. If you are using Windows, run the "cmd", then type in "ipconfig/all" and hit enter. It will then give you a list of data with all the relevant info you need to fill in the static ip spaces on your phone :-) (but change the ip of your phone to something other than that of your pc.
  14. How can I get my wifi to work? Connects to the internet, I get an IP, but when I open my browser I am unable to open any pages. I read something about static ip before, but I do not know how to do it. Could someone explain to me what I have to put for the different things? Thank you!

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