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  1. I have a problem with my kitchen ROM. First I receive sms with a retard or friends receive my sms with a retard Second, when I delete a discution, this discution going down of messaging list with date "January, 1st, 1970" and it's impossible to delete it My messaging app is the Samsung app. Anyone have an idea to solve my problem? I have an other idea for Gr6: remove message log from call log
  2. I think that I've the same problem. The kitchen option "Power Menu additions / Battery Percentage icon + SIP over 3G" don't working on my ROM Anyone have a fix?
  3. It's fixed, thank you Paul, your the best dev ;) I will try to make a kitchen rom :D Gr5 is awesome but, why not a Gr6, may be android 2.3.6 kernel? :)
  4. I've changed of computer. Same problem on my laptop, and my desktop with IE and FF =\ any answers yet on tweet and support request :(
  5. I know. I follow Paul since few year but I'm just a little impatient :unsure: I hope that Paul will solve my problem in the next few days cause I want to try her amazing and awesome work !
  6. I want to use kitchen for create my rom but I don't havve access I buy ad free + online kitchen since 2weeks and I'm just "member" yet. Paul ignore my tweet and support request since 2 weeks to help me. Anyone can help me?
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