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  1. Have this problem with contacts too. It´s very annoying if you don´t know who is calling and the you realize it´s your girlfriend :D Is there some fix for that ? And I miss one other thing in CM 7 there was a choice to select only contact with numbers..there is no choice like that and I have to scroll for ages to find my contact couse i have milion craps here from fuc*** google synch :D.
  2. please tell me what i am doing wrong. I tried partition my sd card twice via the Cwm recovery (1GB partition,32MB swap) and boxes in s2e are still gray. Even i tick use as ext4 or something like that. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Hello. I formated SD card via the MiniTool Partition Wizard(FAT 32) and it was working properly in card reader but my phone doesnt notice the card but when i plug it out it says that the card was dismounted asking to put it back. When i put card back it doesnt do anything. Can ypu please help me how to repair it ?
  4. hi i started to use this rom today but i actually cant use s2e. I was using s2e on previous Rom so I use partition wizard tool to re-partition my sd card and in mobile i make a partition from recovery. Actually my system doesnt event see my ext partition it jast shows -- instead of size. I tried to use s2ev5 script but it doesnt help. Please help me
  5. Hi. When I go sleep I unpluged battery from charging and it was on 100%. I was sleeeping almost 12 hours, didnt using phone (i have turned off wifi,gps,3g networks) and battery on morning was on 56% only :o . I attach some screens of my battery usage. I use Sejs kernel (smartassv2) overclocked to 710Mhz. Btw I noticed that screen randomly turns on for 3-5secs and then turns off again. Can you give me any idea how to fix it or advise me some good ROM for battery but also performance. Thank you very much :).
  6. Hi today I flashed some CM7 rom from here http://blade.windows98.co.uk/ + that Roboto font. I dont know if is problem of ROM or that font but i miss some characters in whole android like ť,ž,ľ that are used in my language. Can you please help me how to repair it ? Thanks
  7. hi thanks the older version works fine for me just as said cant run videos that are HD BUT i found out if you are using youtube for music as me that VEVO app runs music video correct (even in high mode but laggy)
  8. Hi, it´s said that videos in youtube in HQ wont be working on this Rom, but my problem is that whole youtube app isnt working. Its just says crash massage on launch. Can you please help to run at least normal quality videos ? Thanks much. :)
  9. Hi. I am not very skilled at this yet so I need your help please: I just want to try new ICS Cold Fusion ROM and it´s say i need at least 180MB system partition. Well after googling I find some app called Blade chcecker that told me Well so I probably need to incerase it but I have no idea how. Could you please help me ? Thank you :) Btw, now I have CM7 Kango Built
  10. Hi. I am new here so sorry if I am writing in wrong category. So my problem is : Wifi tethering is not working on my laptop. The Blade create acess point and I can connect but it shows me in status bar limited or no access to the internet.(on my laptop) I tried also another phone(Zte Skate with basic Rom and the same problem appeared). Of course I have mobile dat enabled. Can you tell me where´s the problem ? Thank you :) San Francisco/Zte Blade, From Gen1 to GEN2,Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 RC1 KANG (13 APR) , Gingerbread 2.3.7, microSD 2GB
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