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    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    thanks for this rom tillaz much appreciated, its a lot more faster and responsive than others ive tried. everything works on it i might try another launcher though as the stock one is a bit unresponsive at times maybe, has anyone else felt this? EDIT : just put ics launcher on it and it seems much better
  2. yep sure did just needed a clean out,theres a good thread on here i followed for cleaning the mic protector with pic illustration followed that and job done! i do feel lucky i got it for £25. got a vivacity at x mas but it was playing up so this is a good replacement i reckon. thanks for your input Mtman1. you really helped pushed me to risk getting it btw. :)
  3. thanks to everyones input on this, i got the phone for £25, took it home.opened back, took dust protector off,cleaned around mic area and mic holes, unlocked it,tpt'd it, flashed a custom rom on it. thanks again you's are a helpful bunch of good people, :)
  4. i know you did i was waiting until i cleaned it out.it turns out my phone new phone just needed a clean (mic protector was full of hair n dust yuk lol)thanks anyway i will keep you in mind if i do need the part though although i wouldnt be up for sending my phone anywhere.
  5. Thanks tillaz. Thats good to hear. Uf it did need a new mic anybody got any idea where id buy one online? I had a look on ebay but couldnt see any after typing in monte carlo replacement mic.
  6. ive just sent them a message to see if they'll accept £20, i love a good haggle,always blagging me! lol
  7. cheers thats what i was thinking,i reckon its hardware as some people have had similiar problems with mic displacement, i would try a custom rom on it after taking it apart and having a look at it because it might be just fluff. still unsure to buy it or not
  8. Thanks although I already have a mifi device and tether from gs2. i might still get it though if i can haggle it down to £20 Would be gd to know if i could definately fix it though
  9. ok thanks ill probably give it a miss then
  10. Hi all, Ive been offered a Monte Carlo with a broken mic for £40. Does anyone think its worth buying to possiblly fix it myself? Ive read over a couple of posts where some of you have sent your monte carlos back but some have fixed them themselves thanks

    Speaker Replacement

    Sorry for thread hijack but ive been offered a monte carlo with broken mic for £40.anyone think its worth buying to possibly fix? Also its the person on other end of conversation cant hear the person with monte carlo.
  12. thank you, i dont suppose you have the stock image.bin do you? i think i need the one thats 224mb in size.also what is this 14mb filetool,is it stock recovery?will it work because i flashed one of the b4's update rom zips but it bricked my device (i.e. i had stock recovery but couldnt move or select nothing)
  13. My phone is annoying me so much with screen freezes,dodgy unresponsive to clockwork selections (no disrespect to whoever ported it)(i just feel itd be better if the vivacity had a hard physical home button) that i want to revert it completely to stock,i have a rough idea on how to do it from various threads but i cant get a download for the image.bin file that is around 224mb from multiupload as we all know is shut down now.. Id be very grateful if someone could upload this file and tell me what i have to do. thanks in advance

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