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  1. Here are some quick comments on my new ZTE V970 Phone arrived as gift and well packed. Was worried a bit as the seal was broken, but not surprised as tracking did say “opening”! Content in box: uk adapter, phone, battery, (chinese?) plug, usb, manual (in chinese!), screen protector. Phone is much lighter than G300. Big screen, very responsive (after the factory protector was taken off) but not very bright outside in the sun. The phone is very fast Both sims work fine. One for 3g and the other for gsm. I’ve had the phone for whole day today after a full night charge and it had around 55% battery still left. I’m going to put it through its paces in the coming days. Wifi, Bluetooth work fine. I’d like to find out if GPS works as I sometimes use google navigation while driving (prefer this over TomTom!) Its not rooted and Play store wasn’t installed, but this can easily be done (very soon J). Got Antutu from HiMarket (which was all in chinese :blink:), and the phone scored 5821. I’m liking the stock rom, so I might stick with it for a while before trying out new roms. All in all, a great phone, especially the dual sim. Thanks for the recommendation blaster.
  2. I was happy this morning to see the message " Arrival at inward office of exchange" when i tracked it on http://www.track-trace.com/post and thought I'd only have to wait for a few more days. Just got home to find RM tried to deliver it this morning at 11am!!! Now I have to wait till monday (although the delivery note says "wait 72 hrs"??). So my order took 11 days to reach me from China. That's very good delivery time in my books, and I just chose normal delivery, not DHL or any other ones. But then I've bought a ZTE V970 which was released some time ago, compared to V5 or the G4 which were just released now, so your deliveries might take longer. Weirdly, tracking my order at http://www.trackingkit.com/ says the same as above but has a google map location pointing to a location near Dumfries?!?
  3. thanks blaster. I'll stick with my v970. Don't want a 512mb phone anymore, I need more juice in my phones now, which I hope the v970 has plenty of. also, having checked my tracking, it shows as "Departure from outward office of exchange" since Monday! More waiting for me then!
  4. The above was aimed at you blaster99...(forgot to quote via mobile!) I'm gonna have a look at some specs and vids on youtube, so I'll get back to you whether I take one of them off you. Reading about the dual sim options, can you tell me if the v970 has 2xmini sim or mini/micro combo? and which of them has data? (if its mini/micro i'm gonna have to go cut up my tmob sim!)
  5. If you had made this offer before I ordered the v970 I would have definitely gone for it.... But at £60 I might still be interested in one of them :-)
  6. Yep, I tried all the options in the eBay tracking hub and all of them came up with "no result" lol Guess i'll wait for a "surprise" for myself soon :D
  7. All the talk about mermimobiles not giving positive updates was worrying, but I've got an update on my order which I placed on Tuesday. My phone has now "shipped", and they have given me a tracking number. And now I guess I can relax a bit...and wait some more. good luck to the rest of you on getting your phones :)
  8. Thanks Sere (and others who gave me a code), but I already placed the order. Might be useful for someone else tho, so thanks for posting.
  9. I tried a number of codes on merimobiles, and none of them worked (VIP, google, welcome, etc, etc) I did see a message come up saying $10 off via FB...but I don't use FB!!!
  10. Thanks for the code, but it no longer works. And I've searched around couldn't find anything that did work for merimobiles. :-p £92 isn't so bad I guess. Now to wait for it to arrive.
  11. Cool. Thanks for that bryfly. I'll use this if I don't find any other discount codes.
  12. Thanks for that blaster99... Would happen to have that discount code? ;) I'm moving on from g300 as well, so your device is useful. Battery could be better, but I suppose you can't have everything for this price eh?
  13. I was searching for this thread in the "other phones" section...never thought to look in the G300 section :D Great thread by the way and I'm hoping the regulars on this thread will give some advice on the following... I've been looking to get a Chinese phone just to play around with, and now I've decided to get one out of necessity. These are a must: Dual sim 1GB ram Between 4" and 4.6" inch screen (don't want 5") Camera with flash (not too bothered about front camera) Around £100 is my budget (but with delivery costs at some sites, I might have to pay more) Rootable and with (at least some) community support With these in mind, I've shortlisted to these ones: ZTE V970 (has some support on xda) Newman N1 THL W100 What are the pros and cons of the above? Others I have looked at: UMI X1S Jiayu G2S Lenovo A820 Any others you could recommend?
  14. kaizoku_san

    T-Mobile UK accidentally activates early cancellation clause

    Meh. This would have affected me, except I'm going to cancel my contract with them tomorrow anyway :-p Hate the fact that t-mob charge for voicemail, and also charge for calling "non-uk" mobile numbers (lyca, lebara etc!) Nice find though, which will help some people out there
  15. Moaning about Huawei? I don't think so. Not sure about other Huawei phones, but the support for the G300 is awesome in modaco, and its because of this support the Huawei is popular

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