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  1. Great ROM Rapid, thank you! (Tested TF3D.) But 4shared is a nightmare - 10$ or 10hours?!?! }:-F Rapid_JI1_29022_Sense on some reasonable share pleeease! EDIT: Done, almost 11 hours (via GSM modem in a low signal area, almost got heart attack, never more! }:-(( ;-) Anyway, Sense is great, thank you again!
  2. Well, all mighty gurus all probably on the vacation, retired... or dead. Samsung-flash lama have to help itself... ;-) After several "brickable" tries to flash Energy.OMNIA.29022.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.DinikGlass.Jul.04 flashed with Rapid_JI1_29022_TF3D.nb0, I8000PROJJ1.csc and it works OK. (Thanks Rapid, nice ROM!) Theoretically might be the problem incompatible eboot, or CSC...
  3. Thank you KDV. I've flashed PDA and CSC from your link, everithing looked OK, but phone does not start! 8-O Just logo "Samsung Omnia 2", than color sparkles formed to "X", than "Samsung" and "www.samsung.com" at the bottom of the screen and after that only black screen. I've tried hard reset - format, confirmed, received "Done" message, but still the same... Please HELP. Thank you! Flashing result:
  4. Hello all O2/I8000 gurus. Iwould like to ask you for help. I've downloaded energy rom (looks great), found there nb0 file and OCTANS mini. (Detection is working after small troubleshooting.) I've read everithing about CSC coding and so, here: But I have 2 questions: Do I need to flash a new CSC file??? (I have no problem with the current screens and logos, etc. Now I have WM6.5 which SCS should be OK for Energy.OMNIA.29022.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.DinikGlass.Jul.04...?) And if I need a new CSC, where should one get it? (There is a lot of descriptions about name coding, etc., but nothing about download or other source...) Sorry if my questions looks dump, but I really tried to figure it out by myself before asking... Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Hello Sorg, great job, thank you. Just a small trouble. After start it showed the massage "Cannot create \Paměťová karta\rom_dump.bin." (Czech language; card is 16GB, 2GB free space) But in resources I could see that something is consuming a space on the memory card. After only cca. 2 minutes it showed message window "Success" with text "Finished" (and button "OK"). On the card is 310MB "rom_dump"... May I trust it, is it OK? Thank you in advance. EDIT: Second try - no error message, only "Success/Finished", created file has the same size as after 1st try... Hope it's (was) OK.
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