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  1. there are 2 versions of google calendar: the play store one et the one from the GAPPS... if you can't manage to uninstall it try to 'disable' it (go to applications, click on the one from your phone, scrool down and disable)
  2. but you can always flash a tpt with a 140 mb of system partition (and more data partition!) if you're aible to reduce the size of latinIME.apk and other stuff like that!
  3. did you try to do an ad-hoc wifi with your computer? i don't know if these kinds of networks are supported by cm or android but i know you can create a network with your notebook and share your internet through it! (the problem is that you have to have your computer on )
  4. I finally managed to get the brightnessslider work! You just have to disable automatic brightness in the settings en the slider will appear! (And I confirm it works with the last update: 14-05)
  5. did they update the weather widget on the lockscreen ? cause i don't have it working anymore since yahoo changed his api for the weather! (so if they fixed this in the last version of cm10 it could maybe be usefull to do a new update) thx anyway for your work!
  6. i did it again and didn't work! if you managed to correct this it would be great, but I surely can understand you prefer to focus on CM10.1 thx!
  7. hello! thx for your work! till today I had only the transparent notification pulldown. I wanted the brightness slider so i flashed the .zip with both brightness slider and transparent notification but the slider doesn't appear ! Do I have to enable any option somewhere? Again thx for your work! (i did a whipe cache+dalvik cache)
  8. it's a common issue, I'm on cm10 and I have the same problem. It has something to do with yahoo, according to what i've read.
  9. I probably did something wrong when upgrading or I don't know, but I'm often facing fc's when using camera app! Anybody any idea how to solve that without installing again whole the rom? thx! (by the way both your work and konstats is amazing, thank you both!!)
  10. Hey guys, sorry to ask but I have a little problem here with the cm filemanager! I'm unable to copy/paste files, I'm not even able to see the option when I long press on a file. I tried using the selection option, but when I push on 'copie selected files' I get an error: 'unauthorised operation in the actual folder'. I tried root mode but that doesn't help. Any idea's how to fix this? Thx!
  11. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2045051 this worked for my zte blade (cm10)! but I it's still frozen after every reboot :(! any idee how to fix this? thx
  12. could you tell us a little bit more about the battery? I can't read its capacity on the 3rd picture! thx
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