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  1. hi guys is it possible to deodexed the frame work and leave the apps odexed but replace the systemui files with a deodexed one?
  2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=628 try here very hepfull guys, hinestly you could wait for ever for a answer!!
  3. am i missing something or is there no 2.3 with sense kitchen??
  4. anybody got a fix yet for the wifi issue on gingerbread for desire?
  5. dan28


    hi guys ive got 2.33 ran it thru dixisda kitchen installed init.d but i want data2sd on it does anybody have any ideas oh hoew i can do this im a very very newbie man!!!
  6. hi guys i see a kitchen for 2.3 aosp but is there one with sense,, or is there a good rom with 2.3 and sense with good battery life
  7. im using CyanogenMod-7 is it possible to intall the default sms app to this rom, i miss the fac that on the message app itself a number apears to tell me i have a sms. i no i can download a app but that would take up space kinda defeats the object of rooting!! any ideas
  8. well i think we may be waiting a long time opend a request emailed direct and nothing still. so all the moderators and guys on here now how to do it but obv to busy to let others no, bit rude if u ask me
  9. so somebody on here has used the online kitchen surley you can point me in the direction of how i use it now ive paid for it? thanks
  10. hi guys newbie here , ive purchaed the adfree kitchen where do i go tu use it!!??? please help!!
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