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  1. How do you send Vcard via sms, i tried but sms sent is just blank. BTW. I am using official WM6.5 Singapore version.
  2. Unfortunately, this app does not work on the original 6.5 update. anyone knows where i can get a new one that works on 6.5? thanks in advance
  3. When it is already in your storage card, right click it with your mouse, then press copy, then right click on \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder on your device then press "paste shortcut" then just rename it.
  4. Never really tried using the default file manager, I always use windows explorer on my pc to make the shortcut. it is more convenient for me than using the file manager on the device and using just your fingers to do it. I prefer to use my mouse hehe.
  5. Here just copy this on your storage card then make a shortcut in your start menu. Softreset.exe
  6. I do not know if I understand you right, but i think that i can select other numbers on the sms by tapping the the word "TO:" then selecting the name then selecting the numbers that i want to send sms to.
  7. Got It! I just double tap the "TO:" and the regular keypad appeared instead of the qwerty keypad. single tap brings out the qwerty keypad :D
  8. Is there a way to change the qwerty to ordinary keypad when selecting contacts in SMS? thanks in advance
  9. Where is "My Text" for SMS saved? i wanted to have a backup of it, because i have to manually input it again every time I hard reset my phone. thanks in advance.
  10. Just found this small app on which you can toggle on/off the data connection. NoData.cab
  11. have just noticed that Data connections is auto connecting, and I do not know what is triggering it to connect automatically, I am afraid that I may be charged by my operator and get shocked when my bill comes. does anybody experience this? is there a solution to this? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes there are now a lot of phones without the Dpad, but i wish that they will put a software part to replace the dpad, just like the Nokia 5800 there is an left and right arrow key on the software when youre typing. hope someone can make an software to replace it. :)
  13. why would they want to remove the Dpad? also no led indicator light, this are the only 2 things that is not good. but I am still loving my OMNIA II.
  14. Dumb question, but where can i find the Navi key? (up, down, left and right button) i am used to using the navi key when selecting items on my phone, even use this in typing SMS (to correct wrong spelling), sure you can use your fingers, but it is much easier to just use navi key in pointing where the wrong spelling is in typing SMS. Samsung change the navi key button so there is no up down left right and enter button. or maybe I just do not know how to use the cube hardware button? someone who can help me? thanks in advance.
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