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  1. No, sorry. I don't own a G300 anymore. On a lighter note it is nice to see that this rom is still going strong 30,000 downloads later. :o
  2. Yes, this rom supports init.d. And feel free to do an odexed version, just remember to add the appropriate credits and it's all good
  3. No, that's not normal. I've never seen this rom take that long to boot or ever heard a report of it that I can recall. If all is ok now then don't worry about it too much but it sounds as if something went wrong during the flash.
  4. That is not normal behaviour for this rom, hell, if it was no one would use it. Something else is going wrong if you are lagging this much. My wife still has this rom on her phone, as do two of my mates, and the phones are still as quick as when the rom was first installed. I know that none of the Huawei based roms are perfect but this rom does not normally perform in the way you describe, or at least not on any of the phones I've used. I'd try a fresh install or a different rom but I certainly couldn't put up with a phone lagging as much as you describe, it would have been bounced off something by now.
  5. The rom is no longer in development, sorry. I don't own a G300 any more. But thanks for sharing the info; those who fancy it can add those lines manually if they wish to test it out.
  6. The post on xda hasn't been updated for a while. I used to always recommend sio but noop seems the better choice on the G300. I doubt you will see that much difference either way though in truth.
  7. That's weird, I wonder if it only starts this 'you must backup' countdown after being used the first time because I've never seen that message even though All backup has been included with almost all version of Stock+. Anyway, how to fix it... Download Link2SD from here: https://play.google....om.buak.Link2SD Once you have it installed open it and find All backup on the app list then longpress on it, a menu will appear, select freeze. This will freeze the app and stop it running so you don't get any more messages. If you ever decide you wish to use it do the same again but select unfreeze. Or you can do this ^^ Although I am not sure if the free version will uninstall apps, it used to be only the paid version that could uninstall but then I haven't used TB for ages so it could have changed.
  8. The guide isn't wrong, it is correct. It is you that made a mistake because you hadn't unlocked the bootloader first. Every rom and mod dev in this forum will assume you have already unlocked the bootloader before attempting to flash something because the bootloader should have been unlocked the moment the phone was rooted. The steps on this phone should always be root > unlock bootloader > install custom recovery, if you are doing them in any other order then that is down to you. Sounds like a buggy CWM to me, I had a previous version that used to do this from time to time. If this happens try rebooting the recovery (advanced > restart recovery) and then trying again. If all else fails the fastboot method will always work.
  9. There is likely an app or something you have installed that is creating this message because I don't recall seeing it in all the time I used Stock+ and I have not seen it mentioned before. I'd check through the installed app or try to grab a screenshot of the message and post it here so we can try to work out the cause. After booting the phone will normally be doing quite a lot in the background and it will also run the media scanner service, both of which can cause the phone to feel laggy. Also, when you enable wifi after it has been disabled for a while the phone starts to sync and check for app updates etc which again can cause the phone to lag a bit. So in short - yes, it is normal for this phone (i.e. an entry level single core device) to lag at these times.
  10. There are settings in that recovery version to enable backing up the internal partition but it is not enabled by default. I can't remember exactly which settings because it's a long time since I used CWM, I used TWRP as I find it miles better.
  11. As others have said, it is pointless - free ram is wasted ram. Plus as you are gaining no usable space because the apps reside on the /system partition you are better off just freezing an app to stop it being cached if you really must stop it (not that this cached app would make any difference to system performance anyway.)
  12. Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the new Halo feature added to the latest PAC. No idea what the 'holo' button is referring to.
  13. There should be a button at the top of the screen when you pull the notification tray down, press to enable it and press it again to disable. That said, I don't think this version has HALO yet. The PAC version with HALO added should be v23.0.0 and this is v22.4.0.
  14. The steps are the same as you described above for your u8800pro; dload folder over to sdcard then power on with both volume buttons held down. You only need the update.app in the dload folder, you don't need the vendor files.
  15. You should be able to get the B926 update.app from here: http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDE4NjY= It might take a few tries. If that works and you get a working system you can look at updating to other versions. The reason I suggest B926 is because when I bricked my G300 (twice) the only fix was the B926 update.app, no other version (of the limited number I tried) worked for me. Your mileage may vary, of course. In truth, it is hard to say for sure but I'd be probably looking to warranty this about now. That said, weird things can happen with G300s so it is certainly worth trying to recover it at this stage.
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