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  1. All good, i found them now, Right on the very last page of the original Corvus5 "release" thread. Cheers to anyone who may have been looking.
  2. Yo, Im trying to find corvus 5 so i can flash it back onto my vega but cant find it anywhere online, Ive googled my arse off for the last hour and have reached the end of my teather. The links from the "release" thread on here dont work now either. Can someone please help me!!!! Im looking for Corvus5.zip and if your feeling extra nice Corvus5 SP1 :D Thanks in advance!
  3. backing up the post above, the Tucano is a really good case, mine came with a screen wiper aswell in one of the pockets. The straps are good and as mentioned one does cover the back key but its a small price to pay for such a great case
  4. Cheers guys, works fine for now but booting for a USB would be better. Apprieciate your help.
  5. Hey so ive done some research into this but can only find old posts ie. Nothing with the last 6 months. I was just wondering if you guys think it is at all possible? I know there are ways of doing it, however my tech. skills on this sort of thing arnt up to scratch i dont think. So i guess ideally im looking to boot from the vega from a USB stick if its possible? Or install it using some basic commands from the PC? Or am i asking to much?? please be nice :) cheers
  6. yo! how do i delete some off the defaut apps? i dont use gmail or talk or contacts and would rather get rid. not a huge issue just a personal bug bear. if you could help i would apprieciate it :D
  7. hey guys. so ive downloaded uae4droid and got cannon fodder running. its awesome, such a good little app to have. if it worked fully. the pointer in the game does not follow my finger and there is no option for right mouse click, so i cant shoot. not very helpful obviosuly. i thought maybe a usb mouse would help, but as im sure you are aware is basically just acts as a finger on both left and right click. just wondering is anyone has used this app and got it optimised for the vega and could give me some guidance. being able to use the usb mouse in the game would be brill but ill settle for that one extra button so i can shoot lol. cheers ps USB keyboard works like a charm for turricane
  8. Well I had no issue with corvus5 then installed vegacomb got the issue then swapped it out for a new one, I'm now running vegacomb with no problems.
  9. So this is doing my head in!! I want to be able to sign into to my YouTube account through the YouTube app but it says that my google account is not synced. But it is, I have signed into YouTube via the vegas browser and on a windows machine. So why won't this app play ball, I've cleared the data and forced stop the app to make sure that isnt an issue but still no. Any one got the same issue or kno a fix??
  10. As they come really. My family are emailing me pics (cause I'm away at the mo) n they've a habit if not sorting the darn things. Unfortunately I'm pretty anal with this sort thing so yea. Its just a personal idiosyncrasy. I'll use your technique Cheers dude :D
  11. Yea but it only works for quickpic. It won't stay "rotated" if I look at it in file manager. I need something that will permanently rotate and save the image.
  12. Yo! So yea I'm having trouble with this. I want to rotate my images that I have uploaded onto my vega from a HDD. This isn't a problem in the gallery app but it won't save the image like this. So the real question is, how do I Open, Rotate and then SAVE the image in it's new orientation??? Cheers
  13. I had the same issue, turned out to be a faulty product. Took it to currys (within 28 days) and they were happy to swap it. Even let me keep the SD card so I didn't have copy my data again.
  14. Yea I took a risk just now. Did a format and wiped dalvik cache then flashed the backup. No problem.
  15. Currently on corvus5 have a previous back up of vegacomb 3.2 build 9. Let's say for instance I want to restore that back up. Do I go into clockwork and run all the usuals e.g Format Wipe dalvik cache etc etc and then flash the backup or do I have to flash the vegacomb Rom first and then flash the backup over it?? (in case it makes a difference I had the ICS theme aswell) Or have j got it completely wrong?? Obviously I wanted to make sure I do it right, as I am away from my pc at the moment and a cock up would render my vega useless until I could restore to modded stock. Really can't make my mind up between Corvus and vegacomb at the moment so running these backups are of great importance to me. Thanks in advance
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