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  1. matteopuzz

    I need broken LiquidMetal

    hi, I need broken LiquidMetal because my touch is broken.. i must change it but on ebay it costs 40€!! I'm in Italy and I have not many money! Tell me how much do you want and I will evaluate... Let me know please PS Sorry for my very bad English...
  2. matteopuzz

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    Thanks for your work! A question... is USB otg (usb host) implemented in this rom?
  3. hi! am I the only one who have problem with flashing this rom (and 3.026)? the error is always at the moment of recovery installation, the phone say: mg=0 RECOVERY image_offset=217995442 image_size=3592212... Opened! SD image download procedure... failed! IMG_PROGRAM_FAIL sorry for the bad english
  4. hi! i've tried to flash this rom, but it turned to be unsuccessful. I've tried with sd download mode, with usb download mod (with adt) but it didn't work. From which rom do i have to flash this one? Thanks

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