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  1. Hello, which is the most recent ROM for liquid mt? thanks
  2. Yes, i know.. Installing a drawer on MIUI can i have the drawer or get in conflict with rom?
  3. When i try to flash the recovery, the phone restart in fastboot mode and i can't see the 3 color screen, why?? thanks Solved
  4. Here is the Miui 2.4.6 => http://www.nexus-lab.com/miui-rom-italian-packs/?rom_id=130&version=2.4.6 I don't like the miui (for galaxy nexus) because don't have the drawer, this rom have it? thanks
  5. A stable rom without much bugs..if it is beautiful is better =) In past i've flashed to the Metal the gingerounay rom (5-6 months ago) and go well thanks
  6. Hello, in past i have sell my acer liquid metal to a friend.. Now he has a bootlop problem, then i want to update the phone with the better cooked rom Which is the best cooked rom for now? Excuse for my bad english =) Thanks
  7. Bought for 28euro the original 2000 mAh battery (from france)
  8. I can't upgrade Google market 3.3.11 why??
  9. Where can i find play store to flash via recovery? Thanks
  10. How can i capture screen with foxhound 0.2? thanks
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