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    [APP] TPT Helper

    TPT Helper - Help. For anyone like me who has spent many hours trying to get TPT helper to work there is a secret. You press (probably like me you know and are not an idiot, but including just in case) Volume up (top switch for volume) Menu (middle horizontal lines) power (button on right hand side) BUT Don't hold onto the power button waiting for some text to come up, it never will. you NEED to press power JUST BRIEFLY then RELEASE whilst still pressing volume up and menu still.
  2. TPT Helper - Help. For anyone like me who has spent many hours trying to get TPT helper to work there is a secret. You press (probably like me you know and are not an idiot, but including just in case) Volume up (top switch for volume) Menu (middle horizontal lines) power (button on right hand side) BUT Don't hold onto the power button waiting for some text to come up, it never will. you NEED to press power JUST BRIEFLY then RELEASE whilst still pressing volume up and menu still.
  3. Daz, big thanks for this ROM. Very good seems stable. Great battery. Wish it had photosphere :)
  4. dbbloke

    ICS 4.0.4 Rom

    It's amazing. Fully working ICS. I went for the topogigi one with v6sc and kickarsekernel. 8550 in Antutu but sdcard as ever slow. Not sure I really need JB now. Hoping battery is good but v28g overclock was giving up to 2 days.
  5. dbbloke

    ICS 4.0.4 Rom

    BTW, it's got SP2 now. Overclock and a load of fixes, more to come soon. Didn't supply a link yet so here it is. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2007968
  6. dbbloke

    ICS 4.0.4 Rom

    Docsmiley I tried they Rom you mention, had audio issues after a bit battery problems as well. Ended up even bricking the phone at one point when I tried cwm6. Also when I tried it it wasnt anywhere as smooth as cm10/topo. Been using topo Rom for over a day and its still amazing.. and just an alpha. If you give a try would be interested on your thoughts. The topo alpha so far is the best rom. If battery keeps up might even beat Paul's fr Rom but 62% so will see...
  7. dbbloke

    ICS 4.0.4 Rom

    What everyone needs in the topogigi or whatever his name is- ics alpha Seems to have the buttery bits from cm10. Just installed so can't comment on audio and turned off WiFi in sleep focus in video dodgy but it is an alpha. Seems pretty stunning so far. Went for the LG bits on install not sure if you can do just stock but new LG bits are very nice looms.
  8. dbbloke

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    It's funny reading the comments being in the camp who did not rush out and try and buy. Everyone is very passionate, and thinks google are terrible and wont buy a nexus 10 :) But FFS, come on, They release a new phone at a bargain price (compared to other stuff in the UK) with latest OS etc and Google who surely know a bit or 10 about load balancing cant cope. I think the problem is - too many people hitting the site, not enough devices for supply and demand. I'm not sure other sites could have coped much better. Although Amazon / Ebay do OK. My experiences with the play store and google people is more than fine. This is surely just one of those very unusual blips.
  9. Keeping the lg 2x for a bit. Bound to be better deals than the device store like with the nexus 7. Also loads of cheap great phones out soon, all with micro SD & better specs.
  10. dbbloke

    Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Review

    isn't the ascend D2 out soon ish in Asia? 1080p, 13mp, s4 pro, 3000mAh Based on the processor spec, it might even be out just before Christmas.
  11. dbbloke

    Why there's no SD cards in Nexus devices

    Lets hope google comes up with some smart software to either make 8gb usable or to allow removable storage. e.g. if the photos / recorded videos / spheres have gone to the cloud then there should be a retention policy which wipes the file from the device (with an option to keep sentimental stuff or if you have played back a file 50 times then it should keep the file knowing you like it so much - last access time or something). If you have an sdcard then for things like large games or photos / music / bulk copying it should intelligently ask you or copy the files to the removable media knowing full well that if it copies to the internal 8gb (6gb after formatting/system) it will fill it and cause swap type problems. Google needs a smart storage IO manager. I could go on about device class / speeds etc.. I'm pretty surprised there isn't an IO standard with things like. removable/non removable retention policy SLA Availablity - Value of data (dont lose photos) To just say, we prefer the phone storage option is bollocks, it's an excuse for not thinking out how people use phones in real life and / or not implementing software in an intelligent way. Is everyone at google smoking dope, I often wonder. Usually I just send companies all my ideas, but this time they can read this. Actually, come to think of it, with phones cameras actually getting decent (Sony Exmor, HDR etc) I'm surprised there aren't 2 sdcards in devices for raid mirroring as well as off site cloud backup. Google, hire some people with a brain in their skulls and stop talking bollocks to people in the real world who are on to you.
  12. dbbloke

    Have Google changed mobile phone pricing forever?

    Just wondering, what's something like the ZTE Z5 going to sell for now?
  13. dbbloke

    Have Google changed mobile phone pricing forever?

    Phone pricing has changed. The google phone could really be cheaper but I guess Taxes have a lot to answer for. It's missing a few features for an advanced user - LTE, better camera, 1080 screen, microsdhc. Hoping the Nexus 5 if it happens will fix this and the price of the Nexus 4 will drop to 200, Nexus 5 300 or something. e.g. new quad core ZTE u950 is $159. So suddenly the Nexus 4 really does look not such a great deal !!
  14. Seems to work with this link, http://get.cm/?device=p990 Not Ice Cream but Jelly Bean. I'm trying the most recent of the two files. Thanks RC Device Type Filename Size Date Added p990 LG Optimus 2X nightly Direct Download: cm-10-20121030-NIGHTLY-p990.zip md5sum: a756c4747b8cbb331b58aaa3653aeaa4 Short URL: http://get.cm/get/4y3 147.68 MB 2012-10-30 16:56:34 p990 LG Optimus 2X nightly Direct Download: cm-10-20121030-NIGHTLY-p990.zip md5sum: bd38483fc3af39cc8d8fa548abbf6ac7 Short URL: http://get.cm/get/4y2 147.68 MB 2012-10-30 15:07:06
  15. dbbloke

    So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    Hate how we pay so much tax / VAT in the UK. Pricing would be spot on otherwise and I would put my money down for an 8gb phone (how much for 8gb extra ram!) Phone looks nice, but a few niggles. Thinking oppo 5, huawei D2, or some other 1080p phone. Mind you, the new ZTE / Beidou Little Pepper quad core goes on presale tomorrow for just over 100 quids :)
  16. dbbloke

    Nexus 7 pre-order page now online at CPW

    yay, now i can almost have ICS on my 2X :) Otherwise this phone is a bit of a miss.
  17. :D Feeling of elation. https://plus.google.com/115049428938715274412/posts So now I'm peeved I don't have Key Lime Pie or whatever on my phone.
  18. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    I rooted after about 4 hours, it had the hang before the modaco rom and after as well. To go back to Stock is really easy, the hard (not really) bit is installing the google SDK, basically change your path is all and download a couple bits pf code, install a driver. Really, it's dead easy to flash back to stock. Just did the fastboot oem lock as well before I sent it back (locks bootloader). There is a text file tells you the commands you need run (formad / install etc). Yeah, I tried roms but all had a hang, which in my case seems to be something to do with the hardware on the screen, or so google thinks? Link for setup Google SDK Link for Stock ROM
  19. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    Mine is waiting to be picked up by TNT as we speak for a full refund from google. Dabouges, I suggest you call google (or get them to call you it seems via the play device store). They were quite helpful apart from the no warranty after a few days as mentioned before. Perhaps it's a known issue like when SSD's get a bit flakey or don't support trim. I had an 8GB nexus and even when I was down to 1gb free or so didn't really have any issues. Yeah, I got the odd hang which if i waited cleared itself, no FC's though. It was pretty livable apart from the no response from screen on typing/scrolling which if you do a screen reset fixes. Sounds like there might be some devices where the storage is a bit knackered. Guess you could try a USB otg cable and stickmount? So get refund and buy a new 32gb one or check out pandawill / fastcardtech / gizchina etc. Good luck.
  20. Yeah, there seems to be confusion. Is there a Tegra 3 version available for a very reasonable price of $189 ???
  21. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    I guess the space problem is obvious, so it's not a problem really and hence I didnt think it was what this thread was about, more of a it used to take 5 seconds now it takes 6 - bloody users. The laggy issue is a problem.e.g. typing is fine... then for no reason, you have to hit the screen 5 times to register typing response. or scrolling a browser takes 3 or 4 swipes to get the thing to move.
  22. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    It's Hung again. Ran antutu and google plus, did a few tabs in imdb in chrome and after 30 seconds it was unresponsive. Did the keyboard unlock and fine. So it wasnt pinyin for me. Phoned google back... Hey, saw you spoke with my colleague.... i said it hung in under a minute. So they said, lets see if i can process your refund now. Anyhow, they could not after 3 minutes on hold and said a senior person would email me about refund. So might take up to a week!! So now waiting. As for software fix, I guess if you dont have a screen with some hardware issue then maybe the update will fix. BTW my screen is perfect, no lumps or raised edges or anything suspiscious, not even a single scratch on the screen which all my other gorilla devices seem to have.
  23. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    So... Just got off the phone with google.Interesting read but... Bottom line, It's either a software issue or it's a screen hardware issue. So they said go to apps, all and uninstall pinyin updates. Then diable pinyin keyboard reboot device I told them about the screen unlock fixing it and they gave me the additional info. When you power off the screen/device it powers off the screen and resets it. Also it resets the pinyin bug. So it's hard to say if you have a screen unlock issue if it is dodgy screen (they told me its this) or a software thing. Than we got into a discussion about my right to get a refund period over. i said in the uk we have the sale of goods act etc.... and if its faulty (probably is) then you have a year to get a refund from the person you bought it from. they didnt like this!!! Anyhow, I told them the law and they said... right, see how you go with the pinyin thing and if its still screwed you will get through to a level 2 person (who will follow up anyhow) and argue about the UK laws with him. Really bad a company like google is stating you can only get a refund in 28 days not 1 year as per normal uk law. It'll be 2 years if the UK ever join the EU directive that says everything nowadays needs to come with a 2 year guarantee. Anyhow, I try and lock this thing again :) Should not be so hard, but perhaps pinyin will fix it.
  24. dbbloke

    N7 slow down / laggy

    I did a factory reset and it started to hang about 15 minutes later. I even made a video just in case. yeah, gonna have to try and return this week.
  25. Mind you. If you live in Romania Ukraine lithuaia etc where they have gigabit for £10 a month unlimited, there are a number of free unlimited storage sites. Mostly people upload and share blurays because to upload avatar takes a few hours for 150gb or so! works because laws aside... ISP's just peer locally and manage the bandwidth and even contribute to the running of such sites! Thus saving on international traffic costs. Most people store entire music collections online. Only thing is ... the files can be browsed by others so need encrypt photos. Just need find a vpn in a copyright friendly country. Hence it hasn't caught on in the west .. stupid copyright rules. They should sold come up with a better system for playback. Ooh yeah, now and again some government officials pretend to do something about it, so the systems may go offline for a few weeks until the array is rebuilt. I know of one currently has about 2 petabytes in use.

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