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  1. vadiro

    Alcatel OT-983 from O2

    Any idea about how can I root it?
  2. vadiro

    Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    I just bought one for a nepfew. If you need any information about it just ask.
  3. vadiro

    Alcatel OT-983 from O2

    I just ordered one on Friday for a nephew and its looks like a decent phone for me. It has even a better processor than my Orange Monte Carlo. Anyway, I think the main problem with it now, is the unlocking. I couldn't find a way to unlock it for free by now.
  4. vadiro

    The most stable ROM?

    Thank you, guys!
  5. vadiro

    The most stable ROM?

    Stability is difficult to define, indeed. To be more precise, I would like a ROM for everyday use, with no need to restart it very often and with main functions always working. For me, the most important functions are: the phone, the navigation (via third part apps like iGO and Orux) and multimedia. I saw that your mod, CyanogenMod 7.2.0, has a problem with the compas, do you now if it affects iGO and Orux?
  6. vadiro

    The most stable ROM?

    Good point ;) Which is the next one, then?
  7. I didn't update my ROM in the last months and now I wonder which one is most stable and also it has all the functions working.
  8. Now it's OK. Thank you!
  9. I have a problem with the dialer, when I try to open the call log, it is crushing: The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. How can I have this solved?
  10. I saw the screenshots and I thought that they are available.
  11. Would you like to tell me from where can I install the Themes for this Mod?
  12. I tried to calibrate the proximity sensor from sensor test application, but now the screen is on even if the phone is close to my face. In the file is written that Proximity X:Stop Fail! What could I do to have it solved?
  13. It looks like all the downloading links from the first post are off...
  14. I have an odd problem, quite often in the last time, when playing a movie or running an application with sound, the phone is starting microphony very loud. It stop by itself when I stop the running application. What could be the source of the problem?
  15. If you don't care about the torch function, why do you bother to discourage people who care? I can't understand people who write in topics that don't care about.

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