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  1. Anyone out there still using this old chestnut? I'm having a bit of a problem extending the internal memory (/data) with sd-ext partition. Without it, the phone boots but Google services crash while in play store, presumably due to low free space on /data (30 MB). I tried the int2ext+ script (manually put it into init.d immediately after installation; is there a proper install method?), made and formatted 2nd partition with ext (from within recovery), and the phone got stuck during boot (boot animation plays indefinitely, logcat reveals what looks like a loop of errors). Is the modified Gen 2 TPT required? My phone has never had TPT changed, I'm assuming it's gen1, going by the system partition's size of 220MiB. /sys/class/block/mtdblock0: 10240 sectors, 5242880 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock1: 10240 sectors, 5242880 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock2: 3072 sectors, 1572864 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock3: 1024 sectors, 524288 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock4: 76800 sectors, 39321600 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock5: 450560 sectors, 230686720 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock6: 332800 sectors, 170393600 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock7: 43008 sectors, 22020096 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock8: 3072 sectors, 1572864 bytes /sys/class/block/mtdblock9: 30720 sectors, 15728640 bytes
  2. How old is your phone? I had this problem on a brand new device, so I concluded it must have been a manufacturing defect, and returned it for another Blade, which worked without issues.
  3. Thanks for the hints. I ended up installing vanilla gapps.zip, then removing the unwanted apps using Ti Backup.The Google apps seem to work fine without market, though it turns out Navigation and Latitude are part of Maps and can't be removed separately. Oh well, at least I got to ditch the Market and Talk apps.
  4. Hi everyone, I apologise if this was answered before, but my efforts to find an answer drowned me in noise but no relevant info. Here goes: I'm using CM7.1 nightly and haven't installed the g-apps package yet. Is there a way to install only some of the apps (where 'some' excludes the Market app, which a disturbing number of apps simply assumes is present, and FCs when it's not), namely Maps and Youtube, maybe Gmail? My only experience with g-apps is from the stock 2.2 ROM that came with my Blade and from what I've seen, much of the package is redundant, non-working, considerable privacy concern or simply of no interest to me. I've made up my mind on the above, plus Talk (no point in an IM that isn't at least OTR-aware and spews garbage during its handshake on the PC), Navigation (not available in my area), Market, Latitude (get off my lawn :P ), Goggles (no thanks), Buzz (see above), Calendar (redundant), is there anything else should look at and consider putting on the phone?
  5. First, here's what unrandomsam suggested: http://www.ztesweden...o.aspx?p_id=332 - pick For Sweden and Denmark, Blade Froyo upgrade (vanilla/generic software) for a customer that has not bought their Blade from a COMVIQ/Tele2 or TELIA store - it's a self-contained windows utility that needs the phone in stock (FTM) recovery. I haven't been able to extract raw images from it; If you're not on Windows, tough luck :( Second, I could upload a dump I made of my brand new, unrooted Blade - romdump complained about needing to be run as root, but made the dump anyway . I suspect it's the same as what would the utility linked above put on your phone, but can't be sure about it.
  6. Trying it out now. FC in FM Radio (not that I care) and in "Spare parts". Overall better behavior with MagicSIM (WCDMA on Orange SK actually works now, but has trouble staying that way after a few switches back and forth) but still not Nokia-good. Google sign-in problem when switching SIMs is fixed :) The SIM toolkit app still disappears when the SIM is switching or in plane mode. Seems to reappear quicker and more reliably than stock froyo. STK app shortcut still fails to reappear on desktop. :(
  7. Calling all MagicSIM users, which ROM do you recommend for use with MagicSIM 20th? I'm currently on stock ZTE-froyo and while it "kinda" works, it's a bit glitchy - SIM toolkit app disappearing after the switch for a few minutes (sometimes indefinitely), losing either GSM or WCDMA connectivity for either of the SIMs after switch and similar annoyances. Can anyone recommend a ROM that works? Gingerbread-based would be best, but I'll take what I can get.
  8. Thanks and sorry for not updating this thread, but I already returned the handset over the reboot problems. I'm sticking to the Blade though, and a new one should come tomorrow. I "unrooted" the phone by hooking it up to PC, entering adb shell, and issuing rm Superuser.apk in the apps directory. (I don't remember where I found the howto, but it's out there somewhere :)) As for ZTE Sweden's update - isn't it one of those on Sebastian's list? If not, any hint as to what should a Linux user do with the .exe file? :P
  9. Slovakia, no operator. EDIT: didn't I mention that?
  10. Hi, was a ROM for unbranded European Blades already uploaded? (can't find it on Sebastian's share; bought in SLovakia, build string ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B01) As a newb, I didn't make a ROMdump :unsure: but this looks like it's what I'm looking for - looking through the system.info, it lists files for the locales that are in the (rooted) ROM I have. Can someone please make a flash-able? TIA EDIT: The archive from mediafire has .img's for recovery and boot (which I can confirm matches what CWM made a backup of), but the system is a tar.gz of the files themselves - can anyone give me a hint with this - i noticed that CWM uses .img's of all three to restore everything, how can i turn the files into .img? I was thinking of looking at the system.img made by CWM to determine the size, then create my own blank image file, format it (which filesystem and what features?), and extract the tar.gz from the mediafire link into it. Then I'd just mimic CWM's "backup" folder using the img's from the mediafire archive and the one I'd have just created, update md5sums in nandroid.md5 file, put it all in a new folder under clockworkmod/backup/ and get CWM to restore it. (Are non-Linux users even following at this point? :o ) EDIT 2: To make img from archived files, extract them to a directory, then use mkfs.yaffs2, which directly produces the .img file. I did that, made CWM load the images as a backup and rebooted only to find the phone got into a boot-loop. I wasn't particularly interested in the reason, as by then I realized the downloaded ROM contained also contained Superuser.apk and was no better than the one I already made myself. Cheers anyway, and anyone who gets his/her hands on an ZTE-branded, no-operator Blade, please make a romdump before you root it, thank you very much.
  11. Doesn't have the one I'm looking for. :(
  12. Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of stock ROMs for ZTE Blade? I made a backup of my own only after I rooted it (is even possible to make a backup without doing so?). My phone is suffering from frequent reboots/freezes whenever 3D hardware is exercised (AB last about 10-15 minutes on CM, no more than 5 on stock ROM; sufficient number of photos from the handset's own camera (~50) bring the phone down in Gallery immediately on stock, after a few minutes on CM). I found the stock recovery image (thanks to whoever posted it ^_^ , can't find the thread now). I googled around for "unrooting" and it seems to boil down to flashing stock obtained from the carrier. Trouble is, this piece is under no carrier and even if I could make sense of ZTE's website, the "support" section seems to be down more often than up. The build string shown in "about phone" is: "ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B01". Google unearthed what looks like the ROM in question in a name of a RAR archive, but I'm a bit wary of trying it, not knowing "where it's been" :P
  13. OK, just to be sure: I rebooted into CWM, then performed the 2 wipes, then "install from zip" and navigated to /sdcard/clockworkmod/download/.../cm-blade-full-174.zip, let CWM install it and reboot. Is this the right procedure? Even so, going through the photos still freezes/reboots the phone eventually.
  14. Do I do the wipes before installing the new ROM, after (but before actually booting it), or doesn't matter?
  15. Well that didn't help at all. CM 7.0.3 crashed twice before I could even get into the apps drawer. Crashes all the same, probably more. Now, any tips how to get it back to how it was from the store? (I currently restored the backup of the original ROM I made with CWM) - how do I remove CWM (restore the original loader) and "unroot" it?
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