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  1. use link2sd to move "all" of the app to a second partition on your sd card. Here's a couple of useful links for you; http://androidforums...u-tutorial.html http://www.partition...on-manager.html Also use titanium backup to remove stock apps you don't use/need
  2. Excellent, works fine, thanks :-) (using "Go Launcher Ex" as my default launcher)
  3. Hi, I've got a problem with link2sd after upgrading to vcache's 4.007 gingerbread 2.3.5 leak - it will only see 1gb of my 2gb 2nd partition. I've posted the following on the link2sd page on the xda developers site; I am having a problem since moving to gingerbread 2.3.5 on my acer liquid metal. For some reason after reinstalling link2sd after upgrading from froyo to gb, link2sd can only see 1gb of my 2gb second partition. It reports Total 1gb Used 280mb Free 1gb. using terminal df reports the same thing. Previously to upgrading it was working fine Total 2gb used 280mb free 1.72gb. I've tried recreating the 2nd partition (which is fat32 by the way), re-formatting the entire sd card, creating the 2nd partition as ext2, reinstalling link2sd etc - but nothing works - it never sees more than 1gb :-( If I create a 2nd partition smaller than 1gb - it reports that correctly. Help! Anyone else got the same problem?
  4. Okay you can longer git rid of the acer ui under settings in 2.3.5 :-( I remember seeing some sort of script to disable it, but I can no longer find it. Is there a script to disable it or am I going mad? It would be useful if there is a script that somebody could give step by step instructions about how you run it. For example I've no idea how you even get a console/command window up to be able to type in the script in the 1st place - I'm such a noob ;-)
  5. *HELP* Okay I can't get my apps back - I was previously on the latest stock froyo 2.2 from ACER. I had installed link2sd and moved all my apps (including link2sd) to a 2nd fat32 partition on my SD card. After flashing to the official 2.3.5 acer rom I don't have access to any of my apps anymore as they are all on my hidden partition. I can't even see android marketplace! I've tried going to the market place via the browser to download link2sd - but it says it will download to my device shortly, and then says it has been installed - when it hasn't even been downloaded!! :-( Any idea how I can get linksd (and marketplace) back onto my internal storage so I can get it to see my hidden partition thanks in advance
  6. okay flashed using the stock acer upgrade tool - worked fine. However, I can't see where you disable the acer ui! Any ideas? Please tell me I can go back to standard android?
  7. use titanium backup (you'll need to be rooted though I think)
  8. 2.3.5 is now available on the UK site to UK users (without having to go through the schoolisgood proxy)
  9. works fine for me at the stock 800mhz. Remember the the processor is a lot newer than the old 1ghz ones and will run faster (even though it's underclocked to 800mhz)
  10. yep, the "gingerbread 2.3" option has been there for over a week - but so far no files are there :-( Anyone got an email address for ACER and ask them when it will be available?
  11. I bought 1 last week - 1st smart phone. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to installing roms on it. I would like gingerbread 2.3.4 and cynogenmod7 - but i haven't a clue where to start. Is there are good tutorial somewhere? and what is the best/most complete gingerbread 2.3.4 port to install?
  12. Yep, got 1 half price from expansys (via their Amazon shop) last week. Still waiting for my 16gb micro sd to arrive so haven't used it yet. Not had a smart phone before so will be looking for loads of advice i.e. best gingerbread rom
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