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  1. AdriaaninPortugal

    Bricked padfone 2 ?

    well, I don't expect a living soul around here but I'll give it a try anyway. yes, I bricked my phone while trying a factory reset. it Got stuck on the ASUS logo on boot. I tried several methods, I can flash any recovery, I can push a ROM, it even installs but the result is always the same..... boot loop. Is this a waste of time and should I give up or are there other things I might try? BTW, I am still very much new with fastboot and adb.
  2. Thanks, that's very good news! shame I unlocked my device as I heard it is not possible anymore to get new updates...
  3. AdriaaninPortugal

    report error

    Hi Agent-06, At first I had bad luck with installing (well, trying to) TWRP through Goomanager. It went terrible wrong and I already gave up on it but after a couple of days got the PF2 going again. After that I traid again and managed to install the latetst TWRP It has been a steep learning curve but i installed it through fastboot and that hasn't let me down until now. I prefer TWRPs touch interface. cheers, Adrian
  4. AdriaaninPortugal

    Clockworkmod error (status 7)

    off topic but Pootis, you seem to be "in the knowledge" If I may be so bald: what would it take to get 4.4.2 on Padfone 2? I am trying to find out but I'm very much a newbie in these matters. Car mechanics is more my thing... phone (WWE is rooted, latest TWRP installed, fastboot working, I have not yet experience with ADB. can the same old kernel be used? I'm asking here because the rest of the threads are quit old & dead.
  5. AdriaaninPortugal

    Padfone 2 Invalid Kernel !!!

    Well, after all it did work! Can't express how happy I was when i got a useable phone again. On Android-Hilfe.de you can find a OP in German. It made me understand the different step a little better.
  6. AdriaaninPortugal

    Padfone 2 Invalid Kernel !!!

    didn't work for me... Edit: after more reading and another person explaining the procedure above it did work! What I did wrong the first time? very likely I didn't use the correct stock kernel... And I put the folder on :/C
  7. AdriaaninPortugal

    bricked: Invalid Kernel

    Hi there, Today I tried to root my padfone 2 by using FramaRoot and installing TWRP, using Goo Manager but bricked the phone. Obviously I did something wrong, most likely I didn't do a proper restart after the first step. All I get is a black screen with the dredded "Invalid Kernel !!!" I tried the solution in this forum (superboot r1) but unfortunately: no joy. Anyone here has another suggestion? Or should I start shopping for another phone? Thanks, Adrian
  8. AdriaaninPortugal

    ASUS Padfone 2 64GB cheap at Conrad

    It would be nice if people would actually leave a message here if they are going to buy one. Perhaps, with enough new owners, it might be worth for a developer to make a custom ROM. 4.4.2 would be a nice one for a start..........
  9. AdriaaninPortugal

    ASUS Padfone 2 64GB cheap at Conrad

    Perhaps it can boost interest in the not-so-beloved Padfone 2. With a price of € 200,- excl VAT I just jumped in..... As a genuine n00b I didn't manage to make a link with the message menu so here is the article number: 1056846-UT Go to www-dot-conrad-dot-com and copy paste it there in the search field. Cheers, Adriaan
  10. AdriaaninPortugal

    how to re-install an App from a SD card

    Hi Awarner, Thanks to the sugestion mentioned by richardw1992 I was able to reinstall NDrive on my new blade. So this thread can be closed as far as I'm concerned. But also a big "thank you" for clearing any suspision about my person, all I did was perfectly legal & paid for. The fact that Gamerz could so easily acuse me of illegal use of software is in sharp contrast with the strict Forum policy concerning illegal content. It is my humble opinion that this should also not be allowed. should also not be allowed. Something like: three strikes and you're out, banned from the forum. And now back to the forum, I have been whining long enough now. Cheers, Adrian
  11. AdriaaninPortugal

    how to re-install an App from a SD card

    This is getting silly. You obviously have no clue. here's the link: http://www.tmn.pt/po...0005401650aRCRD I am the owner of two ZTE blades: one broken, one functional. Both paid for by me. You on the other hand, seem to be dis-functional. Do you live in Portugal? I don't think so.
  12. AdriaaninPortugal

    how to re-install an App from a SD card

    Gamerz, read my tread better b4 you acuse me. My first phone came with a 8GB card and Ndrive on it. I used the card in the new phone. So tell me, where's the problem? I will accept your apologies.
  13. AdriaaninPortugal

    how to re-install an App from a SD card

    Learning new things every day! I checked the file and will give your suggestions a try later on today. Ndrive is a navigation program and came together with the,now, damaged phone. it's a BIG file: 3.25 GB. of course this is due to the Map file of the Iberian peninsular. the old phone, a Sapo A5, comes with 5Mp camera and a 8Gb sd card, GEN2 with Froyo. The new phone is a SF model, GEN1, Eclair, 3.0 MPcamera with 2GB sdcard. of course i am using the 8GB sdcard in the new phone. I tried to install Ndrive from market in the hope that this would somehow solf my problem, but no joy. 30 minutes later...... So I couldn't wait and tried it straight away. searched for an.apk with spain description in it, downloaded it, copyed it to the Ndrive file on the sdcard. installed but got a messages stating install failed, uninstalled Ndrive version I installed the other night, tried it again and sure enough! I can use my Ndrive again. thanks alot for the help guys, much appreciated. Adriaan
  14. AdriaaninPortugal

    how to re-install an App from a SD card

    Hi Yahonza, Thanks for the suggestion. Because I am so new to android I have no idea where to look nand/or what tools to use. 30 minutes later... Ok, using ANDexplorer I didn't find anything ndrive.apk on the SD card nor on: /system/app Same with APKinstaller grogram, no .apk file. So my guess is that on my old phone an Ndrive.apk folder exists in the /system/app file path. But the rest of the app was moved to the SDcard. what I need now is to somehow get this ndrive.apk file from my old/broken phone to the new phone. Is there anyway to do this with the use of a PC as the LCD screen is broken on the old phone (rest of the hardware is ok as far asI can tell)? any app you can recommend? thanks for the input anyway, Adriaan
  15. After some happy first weeks with my new toy, a Portuguese Sapo A5 (gen2, 8 Gb card) , my dog put his teeth in the screen rendering the phone useless. After one lost day being very frustarted I set out to buy a new phone only to find out that the A5 was sold out in Portugal and I had to settle for an Optimus SF, gen1. Thanks to Steven Harper's excellent SanFran dedicated website I managed to unlock and flash to Swedish Spring Froyo within hours after the purchase and I'm a happy bunny again. The A5 came with Ndrive on the mini-SD card. My question: how can I get this program going again on the SF? I am new to all of this. BTW; what a great website this is! Very, very useful. It helped me decide to go for the blade. It's worth the 11,- € sign up but what's with this kitchen thing?

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