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    acer e350 liquid gallant duo
  1. Gallant got a very good screen, and its cpu is fast cannot be compared with zte blade's and skate's cpu.
  2. Lg prada has great specifications but I believe acer's screen is better- higher resolution.
  3. Acer Liquid Gallant Duo antutu benchmark score is: 3809 all default vs 2996 for huawei g300
  4. I had a zte crescent acer's built quality is much better. The screen is very good, very responsive, it takes about 5 seconds to find signal, nothing to worry about. Acer's processor is in a different league compared to crescent's. The speaker of acer is excellent youtube music sounds great. baseband version: Acer_AV041_MT6575_E350_1.000.08 kernel version 3.0.13 build number Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.08_EMEA_FR
  5. Thanks a lot It really works when I enter in Market Enabler the O2 UK gsm sim number.
  6. Hello, I am trying to download ig index application from android market and the problem is that I cannot find the application there, as greek zte blade is not supported for this application. I am sure that once I download the ig index application that I will be able to run it. Is there an alternative way that I can download this application? I run fresh swedish spring rls5. Thank you
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