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  1. nice. am not into tablets, but I may consider this.
  2. hey tilal I download your new rom via goo.im. Please how do I disable the transparent status bar. It's not a pretty feature. Thanks.
  3. i got a prompt from goo.im to download new rom update (cm-9-20120625-EXPERIMENTAL-skate-ColdFusionX-tilal6991.zip) Should I download?
  4. I think the government has finished its experiment on you, so everything's back to normal......I hope.
  5. I am looking for where I can buy a new replacement touchscreen for the Skate and a seller who can ship to Finland. Pls supply link. Thanks.
  6. Hmm.... tilal's opinion on this would be good. Thanks so much for your help C3C0
  7. Ok thanks. so all I need to do after installing ur kernel is to start up and login in on droidvpn right? You never to me if your kernel is stable on this rom and whether it's better than the current default. Thanks.
  8. can you pls give me the link to download your kernel and the tun.ko version download link for your kernel? I take it I need to put the tun.ko file in /sd_card/tun.ko folder right? Is it safe using your kernel on this new rom update by tilal?
  9. hey tilal, am trying to get a working tun.ko for your rom, to be able to use droidvpn. can u help out?
  10. Yup!!! this fixed it. My girlfriend was messing around with the phone yesterday. I apologise for the false alarm.
  11. Software bug if you ask me since i can still play music using apollo so tis not hardware issue.
  12. deleted this three below and still no luck :( /media/audio/ringtones/ /media/audio/alerts/ /media/audio/notifications/
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