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  1. OK i FIXED IT ! 1. FULL FORMAT VIA SP FLASH TOOL like in this video 2. Install rom via sp flash tool - METHOD DOWNLOAD NOT ROM UPGRADE. 3.Install rom, recovery , and LOST IMEI ( becaouse you formated all partition /nvram, so you lost imei) if you have backup of your imei NICE use mobileuncle from Google play store if NO like me :C use MTK DROID TOOLS - connect phone when it is turring ON with adb debuging ON , click nvram/imei - write YOUR imei from Phone BOX or from under battery , reboot and GG now yours sim card's working well and signal are awsome :). Have fun and thanks for all guys ! PS Recomend USE WINDOWS XP 32 BIT to flash roms via flash tool and for corretly install all important drivers ! :) PS 2 To connect sp flash tool after install drivers turn off coolpad , click DOWNLOAD , push vol up and down and connect it to PC , when you see yellow Bar you can stop pushing buttons ! :)
  2. Thanks for quote , yes i try with you tip but same problem.. Now im on the newest version of miui from coolrom , thanks for info meybe somebody solved this problem :/
  3. yeah i dont understand too , ;C in some roms i have this and some not ;/ all partitions are wipe, i install differents recoveres , roms , used ypgd to flash stock rom. i flashed really lots roms on much devices but first time in my life i have this problem ;/ thanks for your quotes :_)
  4. yeah i format all partition , change recovers before use YGDP to install stock rom , after super format (stock rom) , i install root , recovery ,new rom and still i have this messege , next update - i installed different roms , in some i have this messege and some i dont have it and i can normal use it ... now i have this problem on Aosp by leak v 4 , and Aosp Pure Rom 2.1 from 4pda .ru , before i used these roms normally and they were very good now i have this problem ;/ Sry for my english im good at reading and understand lot but not writing in english ;/ Im from Poland I have messenge like this ...
  5. Hi please help i dont know what happend BIG Problem - Please Enteer the Privacy Protection password :/ i reflash it via ygdp but still :C I have Coolpad f1 of course , dont look at my device profile.
  6. Hi Official 039 rom in CPB format and tools link not work please repair it.
  7. Hi where is link for newest Aosp nitro by chedu ? i cant see that :C
  8. WI-FI fix link is dead , please reupload it to normal stable hosting g drive mega yadex.
  10. I dont use titanum backup, but meybe afternoom i will try run this for you and check problem :)
  11. Use heavy games , wifi, gps on , light on full :) low percent usage than other rom in same time , sry for my bsd language.
  12. Root work wey well , meybe you must firdt go to options of king root and check always allow (yes)
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