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  1. I have the same thing happening to my advent vega (although it does not bother me) but if you read about rechargable battery units (so any rechargable batteries full stop) they do tend to have slow leaks, even on my energiser batteries for the wii! (btw definately get the wiimote app for android, it's epic) I have noticed that if you regularly allow the battery to discharge to 10% or lower, and use a different power-source (I use a Trust Netbook power supply with a custom jack) then the battery does hold it's charge much more reliably. Also The advent vega has amazing battery life if you are careful how you use it!, watch which apps are running in the background as I think they sap the power from the device and cpu power control only kicks in after the device has booted (although this is pure supposition)
  2. Is there a reason that r10 source has not been released? the linux people definately need to make their kernel source license much more restrictive to vendors because they should be providing full source with instructions for how to build a working image that can be deployed onto the advent vega device! Thanks Paul for working with the dev's to host the code, is there a guide to requirements for compiling and deploying on a vega without custom firmware (I have actually put honeycomb for vega on without clockworkmod or rooting the vega so I know it can be done stock) I would really like to have a go at developing for my tab!
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