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  1. I'll create an update zip so you can just flash it. The when i get the time, soon
  2. To those of you having data issues, i have a possible fix, i believe the fault lies with module wifi.ko, ive tested the theory and found it to correct, first off though I had accidently replaced my wifi.ko with another one and the results where constant data disconnections, i then started looking for a replacement wifi.ko, i tried a few and remember 1 of them actually caused no data connection. Ended up finding one that worked perfectly, no data dropouts period :)
  3. omnikam

    [ROM] X10 Erenz MIUI 1.9.2

    Great Rom, but I have 2 problems, first the home light is always on and when I press home it doesn't take me back to home screen. The The second problem is this Rom is heavily reliant on Trips files, for which I'm sure the dev hasn't obtained permission to publicly use, let's not forget why trip moved to begin with. So congratulations on your port, will be no1 after a few bugs have been ironed out :P
  4. Here you go mate :PFreeKernel-mod405-miuiGB103.zip
  5. I think it happens if you set the minimum to 128mhz some times, i avoid that frequency
  6. Sorry but i dont have another link to it :( and i dont want to steal the creators hard earns, hence i only link to his mediafire host. But if you do get it sorted its well worth it, as it super charges Trips rom, faster response than an iphone :)
  7. Loving this Rom Trip! This kernel unlocks your Roms Full potential Kernel for TripMiui OC 1113 MHz UC 128 MHz Remove FPS cap(trip does this anyway) In Call Volume Bust Just flash it through Xrecovery My Xperia has never felt so responsive :P Oh i forgot to mention it fixes the data 3g disconnection error
  8. omnikam

    Flashing error - dead phone

    Hey i had the exact same problem, but it was because the battery wasnt charging in offline mode, i was worried because i didnt have enough charge to flash, So then i took the battery out, plugged in the charger and held the back button in then put the battery back in and what do you know? the battery started to charge again, i then left it in for a few hours and was then able to flash a new rom, give it ago :)
  9. omnikam

    X10i Stucked....

    Your lucky mate as you can not actually brick the X10 , because the bootloader hasnt actually been unlocked, which is a good thing for you, it sounds to me like you have the wrong baseband for the rom your using, but as mentioned in the link to the tutorial above my post , you need the flashtools which i believe is in the link, and a rom to flash, but use a .ftf one, as it will have the rom and the baseband integrated, which might help you to understand how easy it is to return things to stock standard should you get into trouble
  10. @superdojo. Thanks heaps -its working like a charm :8
  11. Can Someone else confirm that Barnical tethering doesnt work please? Actually for me its no wifi tethering at all
  12. Hey Trip , great job on this Rom. My only real problem is that Barnical wifi tethering doesnt work :( could you look into it? I use my phone for All my computer`s internet activities and wifi saves damage to my plug

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