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  1. I dont get what you want .... ICS Icons I dont remember about . But Launcher 3D i remember , as i recollect just flashing the zip using CWM used to work for me :) .
  2. Ok , I sold my blade and moved on . But I have a lot of old ROMs and other stuffs with me that are currently rare to find due to the ban of file hosts in the recent past . ZTE_BLADE_DUMP Credit mostly goes to the developers at modaco,XDA and few to me :) LeWa_OS , LiGux, etc. which don't have much active links on the forums are present here ;) . PS: The *driver.exe file is not downloading giving security issues .. am trying to fix it but cant find a way if someone knows then please PM.
  3. Any advantage over stock CWM flashable zip? Plus your IMEI was lost during a TPT Partition flash , there are threads that have been written for the same purpose . I had lost my IMEI when i was migrating back and forth gen2-3 . And found a thread here at modaco itself to help me get it back without trouble. Search a little more. Cheers
  4. Am facing a wierd problem , my SD card is not being detected . It says "SD card removed" when its attached. Have tested the SD card on card reader as well as the stock ROM . It was working fine.
  5. quantam

    Boot logo

    read previous posts .. there was a solution to fix it
  6. https://www.box.com/s/9c24ec3fb461e632c966 Here is mirror link of ROM+Recovery
  7. quantam

    problem with ram

    yeah idea blade is chinese one ... dell xcd35 is the european blade
  8. yeah i have it will upload it tonight and let you know of the link

  9. Hey Quantam would you have stock rom for Dell XCD 35 (India) I want to go back to defaults. Thanks a ton

  10. Well I always liked the vanilla look of Froyo on blade :) so I modded it to look like one . Requirements: 1. Swedish Snow RLS 7 Thanks to KonstaT 2. SS_FROYO MIRROR Mods: 1.Nexus One Boot screen 2.Froyo fonts 3.Froyo theme INFO: Just use clockwork mod to install and it should work fine .
  11. quantam

    3G doesn't work

    Well am using 3G [HSDPA to be precise] with my Blade on the same ROM and on Vodafone and it works perfecto . As from my experience I can say sometimes with frequent changes in between 2G/3G network the phone fails to recognize the type of network , I have faced it many times only fix for it just do a restart .
  12. I want to start off this ROM compiling and all any link to starters guide and what all I need to know.
  13. Guys I need a mirror of the ROM and GAPPS . Can anyone help ?

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