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  1. Version 8 of CM6NEW ROM V8,the link 0f it was wrong now,can you upload it again or give the version 8 file to me?thanks
  2. your link is 151.4m, but with the first page link 158.3m zip,so is there two version?different??thanks
  3. with the first page:the v7 version link is bad.it shows "Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)" can anyone upload "Rom_FrenkieDroid_v7.zip 158.54 MB" thanks
  4. yes,it is ok,i will wait for your free time。(Rom_FrenkieDroid_v7.zip File size: 158.54 MB,this version ,with the download link is "https://rapidshare.c...er. (0b67c2f5)" thanks
  5. i mean :Rom_FrenkieDroid_v7.zip:the download link is "https://rapidshare.com/#!download|622p2|2574963333|Rom_FrenkieDroid_v7.zip|158543|0|0|Download%20permission%20denied%20by%20uploader.%20%280b67c2f5%29" File size: 158.54 MB,this version ,if you have time ,i will wait for your upload,thanks
  6. yes 。the new version download link is bad in our country。can you give a link of the new v7 version please?rapidshare is forbidden ,thanks
  7. can you upload the v7 version ?the FrenkieDroid_v7 link is not useful。for us it cannot be useful :the download was denied by uploader?? thanks
  8. can you upload it?the link is not wrong??i can,t open the link?
  9. i have try 100 times of your link ,it is wrong???please give the full link :http://www.mediafire.com/?26jgfmobdbjnawq,why'>http://www.mediafire.com/?26jgfmobdbjnawq,why is your link with “......",why??? please the link is:http://www.mediafire.com/ ???????????????? 26jgfmobdbjnawq thanks
  10. why?it is still 83mhz with 3.0 you update?and there still flicker???
  11. you mean the problem is caused by low cpu?i will try,thanks
  12. with 160m zimage,when opening pictures there are white and black lines all the time,it also happens with other apps?why?any solutions?
  13. which shouid download?why are there so many downloads link?which one is?
  14. ALRIGHT,because for hd2 and i5700and u880and other phones,there are ways to change bootlogo,why for i8000?no one is able to do it?is it so noteasy?i wonot ask for changing bootlogo,why for other rom devlepment forum,change bootlogo is not a so question,for i8000,why are there so many dogs,just biting others and donot know how change bootlogo?why ?
  15. you and job21 are two dogs ,just know biting others you donot have right to say others should do,you two are s***,badword you
  16. you are s*** and rubbish and fool,just know biting others,you donot have right to say others should do 。badword you
  17. who know : where is logo.rle??how can i replace it?(in linux system,,use which tools?your step?) thanks(if you know。。。。)
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