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  1. Hi t0mm13, both your download links seem to show the file as removed, where can I get a copy? thanks
  2. 1) Yes, wifi management seems to be poor (left on when there are no push apps running and the screen is dark), I turn off when not actively using and keep phone in 2G mode 2) May I suggest you consider Tint Browser as default on this ROM as it's one of the few 3rd party browsers that's smaller than the original? (and it looks better than Naked)
  3. I tried taking a photo yesterday evening (with the 20130220 build) and even though the camera was not on burst mode it did 3 shot bursts. I hadn't taken a photo in weeks so I don't know when this arose. Anyone else getting the same result?
  4. Don't take away the excitement for us end users by doing that! I'm on the 29.1 build and about to install to see if I can spot 'surface texture enhancements'. I am having bluetooth issues (ie: it looks like it's turned on, looks like it makes the device visible, can't see other devices or be seen by them) and occasional wait/close notifications.
  5. "1. currently Im using cm9 build. Works like a charm for daily use. Is it worth moving to cm10.1?" I switched from CM9 to CM10.1 about 2 weeks back and I think it's much better for daily use (I thought you'd also like an end user opinion)
  6. Wifi battery use? I love the latest build. I was looking at my battery use this morning and wifi was about 80% of it. Usually (on other ROMs) I would expect wifi and screen to be about equal if I've been using it with a chunk of cell standby in there too (I don't use mobile data). Is there anything vastly different about the wifi protocol (when to standby etc) on this ROM? I have no push apps.
  7. Hahaha - I was wondering about that, I did download No-Frills CPU Control and when I opened it I saw my previous CPU settings were preserved from CM10 so figured the support had to be there somewhere, thanks for the tip.
  8. Thanks - I jumped from your Cy10 build to this just last week and the last 2 builds have got it capable of everyday use.
  9. Hi, I've been using this a few months now and it keeps getting better. I just updated to 15.9 today and the CRT power off animation flashes the screen back on at the end then goes properly blank. Just feedback, it doesn't bother me.
  10. Just stuck on the 0808 build a few hour ago. it seems solid, thanks. I haven't noticed the differences with the Trebuchet launcher. Again, I'd like to ask about TPT and space required and also any install sequence. I've been installing with a data reset, system format, ROM flash, reboot, pause, shutdown and restart, then Gapps. That all works but I may be wiping things I don't need to and my TPT has 205MB for system which is probably high.
  11. see post #1 ; it's not recommended for everyday use (even though I'm using it for that)
  12. I'm fascinated by the new MTK6577 processors which have started appearing. I'm hoping since Lenovo have picked them (and the MTK6575) up that there's going to be enough of a customer base to get developers interested.
  13. Hi, I installed yesterday - it's excellent for an early build. I installed with some fairly conservative TPT values (196MB System, 8MB Cache). What are reasonable (small) values for system? I ask before installing todays' update. I do find a lot of the things I had installed for my previous ROM (GingerStirFry b19) such as new launcher, camera, keyboard, just aren't needed with Jellybean. One of the things that didn't work (either as a restore from Titanium or as a fresh install) was Pansi SMS. ps: I did notice no default ringtone or alarms - I was able to add a ringtone easily but the alarm is still just vibrating, not sure how to correct that.
  14. +1 to that. I'm using a combination of SIMI clock (showing date and weather) and Clockr (showing time as text)
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