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  1. id like to see roms developed for it. I have the 7041x version. would be so good to have kitkat here-...
  2. i dont have the keyboar to get to nova launcher :c
  3. help please guys. i instaled rom and the pa_gapps-full. all wipes. newest cwm. and i have no keyboard. no browser, and the capacitive buttons do nothing cause of the inexisting luncher
  4. dazz will you try to port android 4.4 to our g300? :3
  5. hugocard

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    thumbs up for this room. a fresh air to my ascend g300 :D
  6. im having a huge problme now with this rom now. the phone never reads my microsd card. anyone else having this problem? :s
  7. you are a toxic dude in this forum and you should take a rest and shut your mouth. Dazzodo this for free. huawei ascend g300 isnt even his number 1 device since he has a nexus 4 i think. so we can only be thankfull to him and appreceate his work. And everybody knows theres is 10.1,10.2,10, and 9 on the same getcm.... And now my experience with this rom: Ive experienced some issues with the focal and cammera app. they keep having a greenefied picture and theu get forceclosed. Also the twitch app ( video streaming app) doesnt work at all. Hope you can fix this dazz. Thx for the rom.
  8. this is the best ics rom for me right now. ill not change for a long long time ;)
  9. THX! Always updating.You're amazing dude, Ill test this rom now
  10. ?? I think there is no problem,at least for me
  11. ?? I think there is no problem,at least for me
  12. nope. That problem is a old one ;)
  13. Isnt that Issue with non receiving calls and SMS solved? :c
  14. hugocard

    What is your daily driver ?

    atomic mod at stock spu freq.

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