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  1. I only have 421 MB of RAM on my GEN2 Blade, why is that? Is the process of unlocking the full 512MB the same?
  2. To fix my previous problem: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20751738/SensorFix.zip
  3. Also, I changed my ROM to use the old market version (2.3.6) but after installing this mod, the market became inaccessible (isn't listed as an application). Why is this happening?
  4. How can I integrate this mod in an existing ROM? In order to avoid having to flash it after the installation? Thanks.
  5. Since I moved to FLB r11b Lite both the accelerometer and magnetometer stopped working. If I take a look at them using Elixir 2, I can see that they are properly detected (manufacturer, etc), but no data is retrieved. Any idea about what may be happening? This is a portuguese Sapo A5. Edit: I am able to reproduce this on the Lite Original rom.
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