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  1. Hi Vikings123, The ROM worked good for you? No probs installing? I am eager to try this ROM on my Acer Liquid Metal, am just a bit concerned, because I am in North America (Canada) will this ROM work for me, in your opinion? Have installed recovery MT 2.2 and have Superuser I currently have Android 2.2.2 baseband ver: A4-01.24.01 Kernel ver: 2.6.29-perf Any advice or suggestions appreciated.
  2. Hi K0zmic, I have a question that I hope isn't too stupid, but here goes... the gingerbread leak for Acer LiquidMetal has the letters EMEA in the file name, I understand this is a European designation. I live in North America (Canada) can I use that ROM or am I screwed waiting for Acer or my Carrier to push one out? Thanks Steve
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