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  1. Nun aggiu capitu nu cazzu (trad. I haven't understood anything of your post :D)
  2. Try the Miui launcher from the market, it's a bit less laggy and it can be themed, too.
  3. Hi, does the gps works on this rom? I can't connect to any satellites..
  4. Cm9 themes works good! I've only tried ICS Fixer, but i think they all works..
  5. I've already asked tilal to port it and he answered he would work on it soon :)
  6. I've changed the dpi to 150, downloaded and installed modded market through lcd densiy modder pro..i've just tried to install it and it worked! Have you tried installing modded market with this app?
  7. Aaah :) i can't help you, as i'm very noob, but i think they can't be ported to GB..
  8. Here is Holo Launcher on Google Play Store: https://play.google....2xhdW5jaGVyIl0. It's like ICS stock launcher (not the same and not as smooth as ICS stock one :D )
  9. I have already sent you a private message talking about this lockscreen (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1597928). Would you be able to port it? :D
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