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  1. Well... my Blade died :unsure: The power button died a few months ago and later it broke and disappeared. Later, the headphone jack went nuts and I could not listen to almost any sound, so no audio on the go. A few days ago the screen cracked... and it was it... the dying one finally died. Bought an Optimus Madrid aka Alcatel OT-995 and it is my phone now. So... with that said... I will stop following this post a few days from now. Thanks to you all... You are a great community. Special thanks to KonstaT, deamond, Tial and elrond_bs... AND KEEP THOSE BLADES ROCKIN' :D
  2. Create an empty file named ".nomedia" inside the folder you want to exclude.
  3. I have that problem once in a while. I think it has to do with resources used/free at the time of the call.
  4. Is your SD card full? Some games need a buffer (usually free games with ads).
  5. Install S2E from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.krikun.s2e You may want to keep "Application Data" in the internal memory to keep the phone faster (more or less depending on the uSD card, of course).
  6. Which browser are you using? I use Opera all the time and this also happens to me. To download from MediaFire I use Browser and it works great.
  7. daemond... Very fast and stable rom. I can't identify any bug since last update. You rule!!!
  8. Then I rest my case and I can't see other options. Good luck.
  9. My old sd card also worked on another phone. Did you try another card on the phone since this happened? EDIT: BTW, daemond... you rule.
  10. A few months ago the same happened to me but it turns out it was a bad sd card giving its firts gliches. After a couple of weeks it went crazy in the pc also. Giving I/O errors in linux console.
  11. If you have a file manager like "ES File Explorer" the apps let you use it to select any sound file.
  12. And if waiting doesn't work turn bluetooth off and back on. Works for me since ever.
  13. I believe so... I installed it over "cm-10-20130108-KonstaKANG-blade.zip" with just wipe cache and Dalvik yesterday and its working great. BTW... great job Deamond ;)

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