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  1. I would guess your system partition is to small. You need another tpt with 230MB system which can be done by tpt helper. Just look through the rom's thread it is described there somewhere.
  2. Do you mean the rom file on the SD-Card? That is normal as the SD-Card is not wiped.
  3. Ah thx, I already looked at GOO but in the wrong place...
  4. Nice ROM with good Battery life! Does anybody know where to find the GApps to extract Google Talk from?
  5. The next will be (too) expensive in first place ;)
  6. No, Whats App, Push Mail with K9 Mail and gTalk are all NOT preventing deep sleep.
  7. OK, after a bit of testing I found out that If I am enabling wireless the phone does not go into deep sleep any more. Is it supposed to be this way?
  8. Mine also says no deep sleep. Maybe it is because of push mail or gTalk? Anyway Battery life is good: 20h with some wireless and Data on.
  9. Additionally sometimes does not join known network automatically... . Anybody else having same Problems?
  10. Same here. Apart from that really nice. Thanks a lot.
  11. Nice, I am waiting so hard to get one.
  12. I have bootet into Malez recovery and then tried: $ ./adb-linux devices List of devices attached ???????????? device $ ./adb-linux reboot bootloader error: closed $ lsusb Bus 001 Device 020: ID 0502:3202 Acer, Inc. Liquid
  13. Trying to install Recovery from 64Bit Ubuntu Linux but when device is in bootloader mode I only get: < waiting for device > The last thing on the Screen of the Phone is: usb_init Fastboot version is 1.10 The ROM current installed is latest LN any Ideas?
  14. You have to restart your phone after you changed the camera app.
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