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  1. I put #251 over the top of #244 without deleting anything at all. Worked like a charm. Also running the CPU at 806Mhz. A very happy boy. Love my Telstra 3020 (Racer)
  2. Once again installed over the top and all appears well. The screen appears to be clearer - much clearer - no lines across screen. Quick. Screen calibration is a bonus. Looks great but have not fully tried it out as yet. Getting better and better all the time.
  3. I put 221 over top of 213v2 and it looks good. Like the new startup animation. No problem with Market. I have noticed people complaining about screen calibration. I see that there is no screen calibration on your ROMS, however my stock standard ROM has screen calibration. ROM is Telstra T3020 Android 2.1update1 build T3020 T03. Is there a reason why you have not included screen calibration for the Racer??
  4. Have reinstalled your ROM as I find it great. One thing though. How do you delete an application icon from a screen? I have tried everything and no luck
  5. I like Racerboy's ROM, but have installed yours and it is fantastic. However, can you make it a bit more "English", also remove the Google Apps so that we can install our own apps. I tried yours and it seems to be the chinese one. Also I cannot remove or change the location on the home screen. Even though I double click on it and it lets me put in my own town it does not change it. appears that it must be a chinese location. I love this ROM and want to use it, so it would be great if you can modify it for me. Thanks and hope you will do something for me. You have some other great applications which I like installed. Great work and please put out more ROMS Thanks Terry
  6. You did say that you were going to take a break. It's like a fever isn't it. Once it's got you you are gone. I would probably be the same. Maybe after 216 you should turn off your computer for a while. Very good work my friend. Cheers Terry
  7. Will install in the morning and get back to you. Thanks for everything so far.
  8. Just installed 213 and found following bugs. Browser FC, widgets and volume in settings FC as well. Hmm!!!
  9. I did a clean install followed straightaway by the 20110815 full gapps, rebooted, asked me to sign in with google and the rest was there. I have had trouble installing the internet side of the racer until now. The 209 version installed it all and I am very happy. Don't know if this helps at all?
  10. Have installed it on my Telstra t3020 and it works fine. Best ever so far. It even managed to install all of Telstra and Bigponds APN's automatically and internet works fine. Very happy so far.
  11. No problem with installing Barnicle, however if I upgrade to 206V2 will the radio and bluetooth still work??
  12. Its great to see someone like you wanting to expand the capabilities of this phone. Okay its a cheap chinese phone, but here in Australia, the only producer of this phone is Telstra, and they will not upgrade it.. Currently the price has dropped and you can purchase it for about $70. Definitely cheap and if you are willing to experiment you can turn this otherwise lame phone into something quite acceptable. I am really starting to love this phone. As a computer technician, I knew nothing about Android but thanks to the info you provide and the great help that I got from jm888, I am amazed at what this phone can do. Keep up the good work. Great stuff. Thanks
  13. have installed and all looks good so far. Radio works, etc. Great stuff. Thanks
  14. If you do this can I put another kernal over the top afterwards as I like using the radio. Great work.
  15. Same here. Just spent an hour trying to work out why the radio is not working. Checked here and now know why
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