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  1. Willem van Oort

    [MOD]Lidroid Toggles [JB4.1.2 Stock][V1]

    for shell disabled, is this the same one as your previous release?
  2. do you need to replace lidroid.apk and profile.apk again aswell if you go from V2 -> V3?
  3. i think theres a small bug where the top right button sometimes messes up, also i think it was intended to view the notifications when you dropthe statusbar down and not the tiles. If this was intented, is there a way to change that? otherwise: very good job:) edit: ooeeh also, is there a way to get the acer lockscreen back? i loved that
  4. Willem van Oort


    using this w/ cirrus rom, will that get me a different MAC address? because i need a different MAC really bad:S current MAC conflicts with my sisters phone that has the same cirrus rom;( current mac is: 00:17:ca:f5:95:66
  5. Hello everyone, My sister and I both have the same phone, w/ a custom ROM. This custom ROM has a MACaddress that is the same for both our devices. These conflict in any router, so I would like to change one of the MACaddresses, i just have no clue how i could do it. I have tried lots of things, but none seem to work for me. Re-flashing the ROM is no problem for me. We use this rom: Thanks in advance!
  6. k thanks, i dont know if it happens on other wifi networks too. I will try figure stuff out in the router, thanks!
  7. My sister and I both have a CloudMobile and WiFi works fine on both of our phones as long as we are not both using the same network. I don't know if it is a coincidence that every time i log on, hers logs off and vice versa and it is starting to annoy both of us. Is this caused by a frequency that is the same or some other value we can change to get both devices working simultaneously?
  8. Willem van Oort

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    he vache, good rom. Have one question though, it is not really annoying me, but are the Oui and Non in the notificationquicksettings going to be Yes and No, or even better: system language?
  9. Willem van Oort

    Root CloudMobile

    Be sure you have root permissions (so fastboot the image), then go to our superuser app and check "temp unroot". This function is only available when you have updated your superuser app in the market;)
  10. Willem van Oort

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    Here are some printscreens from the dropdown. They removed the music tab. The lockscreen is still the same and performance is better in my opinion, but that could be because there are less apps on my device since the update;)
  11. is it safe to put in 3rd party batteries?
  12. Willem van Oort

    [RECOVERY] CWM for S500

    I think it is fastboot -i 0x0502 flash recovery CWM- but not sure..... could you tell vache?
  13. Willem van Oort

    [KERNEL] Patched JB Kernel v2

    it doesn't work for me:( i can flash the file in CWM but when i ask for SU permissions it says that it can't find /system/bin/sh anyone else with the same problem or maybe a solution?
  14. Willem van Oort

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    how does the notification menu look? Did they change a lot like ICS or is it default JB? I'd be pleased if someone could make a screenshot:)
  15. Willem van Oort

    Root CloudMobile

    Save this as ROOT_ACCESS_S500.bat on your desktop, works for me @ECHO off ECHO Warning! This proces will boot an unsecure image pause cd C:\ROOT_S500 adb reboot bootloader ECHO Continue when bootloader is booted. pause fastboot -i 0x0502 boot boot_s500_gcc_4.6.img ECHO Continue when ready with rootstuff. pause adb reboot be sure you cd to the correct directory;)

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