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  1. Cool, do you get to keep your credit as well as having free texts, internet etc?
  2. I thought they offered a £5 top-up, yet I can't see it anywhere.
  3. It won't let me buy a goody bag :( ...I can only buy credit.
  4. How do I activate my sim without topping up?
  5. I got my sim card today, do I activate first and then transfer my number over or the other way around?
  6. I guess the best way to think of it is...its only £20 and that not much of a price to pay compared to other things.
  7. Is there a section for app development anyone please? Thanks.
  8. Woohoo, thanks...will try it now :) No wipes?...not sure what you mean by that. Its working now...thanks Tillaz, just how I like it :)
  9. Thanks, I don't need that so I won't flash it :)
  10. Blackberry is the only operating system out there that gives a phone that feel of prestige, I get that feeling with ICS.
  11. It kinda reminds me of Blackberry, not sure why but I guess thats a good thing and the feature list seems a little overwhelming :)
  12. Lol, let me do some research into it, I hardly even know much about it apart from the new application screen.
  13. What's so good about ICS apart from the new menu where you can scroll down the various options?
  14. Lol, that's funny :) does the download just fail?...you can try and keep the screen alive and not let the screen go off, only other thing I can think of is that the download space is low so download does not complete.
  15. You can try using your computer.
  16. Just flashed your green-theme, very impessive Tillaz! Really like it! :) I didn't like the battery icon, really not a fan of those icons so I replaced the framework-res.apk with stock one, however...now most of the green theme has gone, if you please can provide me with the framework-res.apk from your green-theme without the fancy battery icon, that would be great :) I've gone back to it now purely because of everything about the theme, the new droid when you try to connect to USB mass storage is a very nice feature! Would still like the battery fix :)
  17. I have no issues with the unlock process or anything after that, if you flash a new ROM the unlocked state is still present and I don't think it is reversible, I think you need to input the MAC address in everytime you install a new ROM.
  18. How do I apply these themes?...do I have to flash from Clockwork recovery?
  19. Tillaz what is the power Widget addon? Sorry for the questions lol, I just need to know before applying so I don't have to revert if I make a mistake :)
  20. I think I may know the answer, did you follow all the steps in Tillaz's guide on the first page in this thread?...if you never please tell me which steps you never completed.
  21. Not worth more than £60? :lol: Maybe you forget to think that at £60 for a OMC that ZTE can generate lost revenue by magic. As customers we want everything very cheap, however...customers aren't always right. There is even a price paid for the £500 price of a Samsung and that comes from keeping ahead of the market with new and further improvements in their phones, it takes time + money to find out what your competitors are doing and time can only be bought with extra resources (more manpower, which means more money spent paying those employees). Do you think apple innovate just like that overnight?...no!...it requires alot of research, customer reasearch, paying those web based companies such as YouGov as an example, it doesn't come cheap and the end effect is the high price.
  22. Wow...I like the green, btw...does it also change the colours of app icons?...for example, the messages app icon is all blue in your Bluemonte rom, does it change to bright green with this? Also...does this just change the colours and nothing else?...I can see there is a new icon included such as the 3G and 4G icon, is there any other changes? Thanks.
  23. Btw...you do realise what kind of quality these companies charge for?...they rip you off big time. Let me explain...lets say your wanting to buy a computer and comparing two computer, both computer are exactyly the same except...one is top of the range with a 3.6 GHz quad core processor and the other is a 3.4 GHz quad core processor, now the price difference of these two may be £500, do you know why?...because the 3.6 GHz is the best you can get, even though they may give the same performance, just that the 3.6 Ghz one is faster it makes no difference compared to its competitor. So why do they charge so much?...its because it costs a price to research and develop, evenn though the manufacture price may be exactly the same, in the end its the customer who has to dig deep for nothing, its the same with phones and brands, look at the iphone4, the Galaxy S2 is far superior in terms of specs, however....yet the iphone costs more because of its reputation for innovation.
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