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  1. Can someone do a quick guide please, I don't think Tilal will do his guide today and I can't wait longer, i'm not bothered about the unlock thing, its more about flashing Bluemonte V1.8D onto my phone :) because if i'm going to unlock that mean I will want to upgrade from Bluemonte 1.5.
  2. I need a complete idiots guide to unlcoking my phone, step by step.
  3. xiaoyaoswim I have donated you £5, I know it may not seem much but its something towards your new phone. Confirmation number: 9SM89518VX428114W.
  4. I'm going to bed now as its 1am here, can't unlock anyway until tital posts a guide :)
  5. I will be using Windows 7 (64-bit) to unlock along with flashing Bluemonte V1.8D so all info is good and helpful for when I unlock and WIFI is extremely important as we have a router here at home.
  6. When you unlock using this method, are you able to change roms as you wish without locking the phone again?
  7. Yes lol...I was refering to other people such as Tillaz :) ...I can't wait to unlock so I can move to Giffgaff as it seems soooo cheap and that also gives me an excuse to upgrade from Bluemonte 1.5 as I didn't want to do it because I was happy with it, I can't unlock at the moment because there is too many files and I have no idea what to use etc and the steps to take.
  8. Oh okay, I thought it may have been a video showing the network on your omc lol :lol:
  9. I've ordered, do I just wait for the sim card now?...how do we both get £5 credit?
  10. Can someone sned me a link or something to get that free £5 credit, thanks.
  11. I need to backup all my files etc and want to use the current rom I am using.
  12. I'm going to wait for tital to put up a step by step guide to unlock, otherwise I know I will do something wrong lol, btw...tital if you could please put in something along the lines of back up instructions to backup everything and getting back to the current rom (bluemonte 1.5) that I am using that would be great :) thanks.
  13. I think its time we donate the guy like we all promised and have been saying all along to who unlocks the OMC :)
  14. That will be great thanks and Orange will lose out big time and is it possible the Skate price will go up again?
  15. Can't you compare it to the factory version of that file?
  16. Can't you test this method on another phone?...because I still have my OSF that I could use to test
  17. I thought you programming guys would have an idea whether it will work or not even without going through the process?
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