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  1. Btw...your picture looks like you once worked for ZTE and now a rebel, I hope you are that person who shares all their dirty little secrets lol :lol:
  2. Not harsh at all, it only takes one person to come on this forum and raise everyones hopes, until something is proven and working then I guess anything else is the saying from that person, i'll kindly donate £5 via Paypal for an unlock if it happens :)
  3. Is anyone able to play a game called 'Vendetta' if you manually download and install? On the market it says that its not compatible with my phone.
  4. I just rang up Orange and I can't unlock until 2nd December, I only bought my phone on 2nd September but seems sooo much longer than that!
  5. Ok cool, thanks for letting me know :)
  6. The only way you can unlock at the moment is by ringing Orange and asking them to give you the unlock code :)
  7. http://www.code4unlo...om/unlock-codes If you select manufacturer, model and network, it says £4.99 to unlock, is it worth paying or does the price seem to low to be legit?
  8. This is going to sound really stupid and retarded but...would it be possible to flash a rom from a different phone like a Galaxy S2 and use one of those apps to unlock or wouldn't that work?
  9. How do Orange block the phone?...if it gets blocked when you put in an Orange sim card then...I was thinking you could put in another sim and then input the unlock code and then Orange will have no idea about it, I guess it doesn't work that way or someone would have figured it by now.
  10. As far as I know...you have to download something called GAPPS, you can google it, GAPPS should be in a .zip file and you flash this via recovery (just like you flash a ROM) after you have flashed your rom :)
  11. My bad...I meant the guy probably doesn't like Orange, so he wants to do them over :D From what I know...Orange don't care about their customers.
  12. Glossywhite it seems like the person you spoke to over the phone hates Orange :P
  13. You don't roll it up...my mistake, I aligned a rectangular shape and then folded over the tape a few times, then I used a scissors to cut the length to shape. Since I can't cut the width...I have to make sure the width that I roll over is correct. Basically the finished piece should be flat so it can be pushed into the groove.
  14. My power button is too sensitive now, if I lightly press it...it activates, much better than before though :)
  15. Here is a video of the TPU flexi case working as normal, I made the fix using masking tape. Basically I cut out a piece and rolled up the tape so that it fitted into the groove (power button groove) inside the cover, just make sure that the sticky side is on the outside, if you roll up the tape too much then your power button won't push out so make sure you get the amount correct.
  16. I'm working on a solution to fix the problem of the power button, looks 99% promising, i'll post a video tomorrow.
  17. When you connect your data cable to link your phone and PC and make the connection, it should automatically ask to check for errors, if it doesn't then you can... ...goto 'My computer', right click on your SD card drive and click 'Properties', a new window should open...from here click on the 'Tools' tab and then click on 'Check now' under error checking.
  18. What are the strange marking/lines? Do you have to use something to uncode them? As for the numbers...not really sure yet to be honest.
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(mathematics) Btw...by looking at that thumbnail, it seems that actually is the unock code, not sure why though :P
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